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The Ultimate Roster So Far : The Ironman LDR Challengers

ironman ldr challengers

With the Coral Head Musicfest 30-Hr Ironman LDR rapidly approaching, we are glad to announce the 1st batch of LDR Riders that have completed the process of  applying and have submitted their donation entrance fee. I present to you the Ironman LDR Challengers!


Faye Brewster

I want to welcome “Faye Brewster”, who is form Culpepper, VA where she will ride down to compete in the Challenge. She is an American Legion Rider. One March she left VA in 32 degrees, NO HEATED GEAR, and it was cold until she got to Jacksonville, FL where it tipped over to 55 degrees finally. She refused to buy heated gear! She is one tough rider that plans to show these FL hot-shots how to ride. She encourages other lady riders to take the challenge and register! She enjoys the Tour of Honor and long distance motorcycle riding! Please welcome Faye Brewster.

 ironman ldr challengers


Dana D’Arcy

I want everyone to welcome another Lady Rider more local to Florida…Mrs.Dana D’Arcy …specifically Broward County. She participates in Rob Carlo’s AULDR Challenge. She has paid and she is chomping on the bit to ride the Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge. She is an LDR riding Lady that you all in the Amateur & Ladies’ Category. Please welcome the ever lovely Dana D’Arcy!

 ironman ldr challengers


Lori Rocco

Welcome Lori Rocco to the Challenge! She is a new comer who does the Tour of Honor and has circled the State of FL in some IBA runs in the past. She did her first 1K in 24-Hrs to Andersonville. She is considering registering for the 10K mile Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge. Either way she is another Lady Rider that is not scared to eat up the miles! Guys these Ladies are making you look bad! Please welcome of Florida! Sign up for a weekend fun of Motorcycle Challenges!

Lori Rocco ironman ldr challengers


Eric Buskell, aka “COEB”

Welcome the man to beat Mr. Eric Buskell, aka “COEB” that’s indian for: (crazy-one-eyed-biker). He comes to us from the country in the Florida Pan Handle. He is a Hoka Hey Rider and has won a crap load of awards in the LDR world. This man spends so much time in the saddle he has the words “Mustang” stamped on his iron butt! Those in the Veteran LDR Category better be careful with this LDR! Please welcome my brother and good friend COEB!

Eric Buskell ironman ldr challengers


Debby Williams Hierrezuelo

A great shout out and welcome to Debby Williams Hierrezuelo who registered for the “30-HOUR IRONMAN LDR” challenge. Debby participates in AULDR challenge and Tour of Honor both are a bad ass and patriotic motorcycle run. She has informed me that she just registered to ride in the 2018 Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge. So far we have more women than men registered and the guys I know are all waffling in taking the challenge. I can only post those that give me permission to post their LDR mug shot! Please give a warm welcome to Debby Williams Hierrezuelo!!!


Debby Williams Hierrezuelo


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