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Attorney That Rides: Unexpected Mechanical Failures Compilation

Mechanical Failures

Unexpected Mechanical Failures


There have been many attorneys in the world that hold a passion for riding, in retrospect there have been many motorcycle

owners that have become lawyers but never one like Gabriel Jose Carrera, aka the Attorney That Rides.


In 2015 Gabriel Jose Carrera was determined to take his 2013 Harley-Davidson Road King from the bottom of South America

” Ushuaia Argentina” to the tip of North America “Prudhoe Bay Alaska” for the cause of raising money for the children being

helped/treated at Joe DiMaggio’s Childrens hospital.


As where many other long distance motorcycle enthusiasts completely disregarded Carrera’s endeavor as foolish and or impossible,

it only fueled his passion to complete his run which was coined “Pan American Motorcycle Children’s Run” or Pan Am Run for short.


During the run he did run into many different issues, this video showcases some of the Mechanical Failures he encountered along

the way.






Read More: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ruzxtWQExSc&t=35s