After my GoPro 9 and 10 failed to capture crucial moments of my motorcycle trips, I vowed never to buy another GoPro. However, the promise of enhanced Bluetooth audio support and a $100 discount lured me into getting the new GoPro Hero 12 Black. This unboxing explores whether this latest model can redeem GoPro in the eyes of a seasoned Harley rider like myself. Stay tuned to see if the Hero 12 Black lives up to its hype!






Venture into the heart of the Hoka Hey Challenge on From the sunlit streets of Key West to Alaska’s treacherous terrains, experience the roar of Harleys, the thrill of the open road, and the tales of bravery from the world’s most daring riders. Every turn holds a story, every mile a memory. Dive deep into the chronicles of adventure, danger, and the undying spirit of the motorcycle community.

I have blogged and posted videos on the Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge. This installment deals with the 2020 Challenge that took me through the Northeast of the United States. More specifically I stopped in St. Johnsbury, Vermont at a gas station where I met injured Richard.


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I love Christmas and New Years season because most people become more caring and happier! Here I am wishing all a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year.

So I posted an older video of my 2nd day out of surgery looking messed up. I wanted it to go in the Screaming Thunder post prior to this one to compliment the post. Many of you were lead to believe that I AM STILL IN THE HOSPITAL! That is not the case since this is my 5-week update on my recovery. I am even planning my motorcycle adventures for this year! I can’t wait to document new moto adventures, edit them, and post them here for the world to see.

In case you have not been following me lately I have survived a four level disc replacement surgery in my neck (C3 – C7). I have been in recovering mode without any new Harley Adventures to post on YouTube. I am currently posting shorts and finding vintage Attorney That Rides travel footage to post on YouTube until I can record my first post-surgical moto-ride



Have We Been Lied To About Gore-Tex Via Madison Avenue Marketing Schemes?

As a biker, you're no stranger to the elements. Rain, wind, and the open road are all part of the thrill. Yet, when it comes to gear, the promise of staying dry and comfortable is often met with skepticism, particularly around technologies like Gore-Tex. Is it truly the holy grail of motorcycle clothing, or is it a case of clever marketing over substance? Let's dive into the reality of Gore-Tex, especially for bikers who demand both breathability and waterproofing in their gear.

New Ammonia Harley Engine Will End Electric Motorcycles!

The YouTube channel "Motorcycle Central" is reporting that, "In this video, we look at Harley-Davidson CEO Jochen Zeitz's remarkable revelation of a new ammonia-powered engine that aims to disrupt the electric vehicle (EV) market. This announcement comes at a time when electric motorcycles from businesses such as Zero Motorcycles and Energica are making tremendous advancements, making Harley-Davidson's approach all the more intriguing.

6 Shocking Myths About Motorcycle Helmets

I just got my ADVrider emailed newsletter with a great video on myths of motorcycle helmets. A fellow YouTuber deep dives with useful information that you can actually use. I learned a lot and so will you. Bret Tkacs ADV channel addresses riding skills, reviews, and perspectives critical to becoming a masterful motorcyclist with a slant to ADV (adventure) riders.

Is This Your Idea of an American Made Motorcycle?

Now I am about to tell you about the Arch motorcycle and then see if its viable to do Iron Butt style long distance motorcycle runs on it. In no way or form is this article to be interpreted as a slam because it is not. I like the bike and maybe with some mods it could be the ultimate long distance motorcycle for your crazy runs!


CMA was started by Herb Shreve, an Arkansas pastor who purchased a motorcycle to close the generation gap with his rebellious son. He began evangelizing motorcycle rallies, and in 1975, he resigned from his church to start CMA. This is a non denominational, evangelical, outreach organization established to win the Biker, his friends and family to Jesus.

Vlogger of the Week: Florida’s Moto-Wild Man!

If YouTube channels were controlled substances I think that @shadetreesurgeon would be five tabs of Grateful Dead acid with a mix of native American peyote partying in the sweat tents. This biker's energy overwhelms the viewer in a positive way without any phony plastic banna, Harley wannabe acting, portraying himself to be more than what he is. Hell, the man is 100% with a heart of gold raising tons of $$$$$$ for a Florida local charity called Forgotten Angels that raises funds for foster children that age out and are thrown out of their foster homes by their POS foster parents.

The BEST Modular Helmets of 2023

If you were to ask FortaMoto, then these would be the 5 best modular helmets for 2022 – 2023, most of which are ECE 22.06 certified and thus ready for the future. Every head has a different shape and every motorcycle helmet has a different fit. One flip up helmet will be different to the next, and they won’t always match every rider or every type of bike.

Cooling the Harley Milwaukee 8 Engine!

So the engine is hot and your cookie cutter Harley dealership shrugs its shoulders that they can't help you. You have arrived at the right place so that I can throw together some videos on how to cool that HOG engine under your ass.