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The Attorney That Rides Everywhere With His Love Jugs

Attorney that rides with his love jugs

As the current World Record holder who established the longest motorcycle run from south to north on an American made iron horse, I have the right to brag on the effectiveness of my Love-Jugs. My name Gabriel Jose Carrera and I am known by most as the Attorney who Rides in South Florida.

I don’t only own a Harley-Davidson – I abuse the crap out of them by tearing up miles and back tires on the highway as a Professional Long Distance Rider. I have participated in the Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge, completed Iron Butt Runs, the American Legends Rally and other smaller forum Long Distance Runs around the United States.

Just recently I rode from Jacksonville, FL to San Diego, CA in 47 hours for the IBA self-documented run. That run will shortly be coming out on a DVD promoting Long Distance Riding.

The most notable and toughest run I have completed to date has been formerly reserved solely for BMWs, KTMNs and other Jap bike models. What you are about to read is a testament to an American made product called Love Jugs that helped me establish a World Record.


love jugs on a harley-davidson road king

To top that off many national and local supporters pledged monies per mile to help two local children’s hospitals in South Florida. I raised close to $50K for the kids on this awesome run. Love Jugs donated $25 per set sold to support the charity part of my run.

In April 2015, I flew my 2013 H-D Road King that was formerly used by the Daytona Beach, Florida police Department to Santiago, Chile. Upon arriving in South America I rode that sucker south approximately 2,500 miles.

It took me 8-days due to the bad weather and horrible road conditions. Since the U.S.’s summer is their winter, I ran into the first major snow storm that got so bad I had to turn around half way up a mountain driving 90-kilometers back to the nearest town for shelter.

I arrived at the last habitable city 900-miles from Antarctica called Ushuaia in southern-cold Argentina. The poorly maintained road stops in Ushuaia since the next step would be to hire a boat to the South Pole.

On May 5, 2015 hauled ass up the Pan American Highway, destination the Arctic Shores of northern Alaska. It was not pie in the sky because the run is 25{6afdcdf14f1f3d0d6d046bdd6bb6844d1d6f78a435ef85ae323b1d28ccc5d3f7} dirt/gravel roads. On my record setting run, I was 50-miles away, when volcano Cabulco in Chile erupted 50 miles from my crossing the Andes Mountain at a government check point. In Peru I was driving north in a sandy desert that reminded me of the Sahara Desert in the Middle East. I rode a whole day in 60-80 MPH winds nearly blinding me in that sand storm. I rode sideways for most the day. Where my failed K&N high performance air filter had to be replaced my Love Jugs didn’t skip a beat keeping my engine cool.

Crossing into balmy Nicaragua from Costa Rica, I was chased by three individuals attempting to kidnap or rob me in temps over 100F. I pulled back on the throttle and quickly got the bike up to 60 MPH in a zone safe for 35 MPH.

A monsoon hit out of nowhere blinding both the Kidnappers and myself, but I had no choice since life has no values to some in these third world countries. The storm became hurricane strength with near zero visibility causing them to pull over as I refused to let up. I was glad to shake them.


gabe carrera world record

I would later experience similar hurricane strength storm in Chiapas Mexico, where I broke down in the middle of Hurricane Carlos. It was an electrical issue with a sensor. I was assisted by a guy who was deported from the U.S. in 1998. For the next week I slept in a hammock at his tire repair shop outside under a steel roof with no walls until mechanical help arrived.

Temperatures rose in the are to over 100 F with me caught in traffic, and at times lost looking for the Pan American Highway in seriously HOT and sweaty traffic jams.

Peru was the worst and Central America’s heat did not let up until I got into Canada. I had over 1,000 opportunities to overheat and breakdown with a ceased engine. Fortunately, I used the Love Jugs on my prior bike knowing and knew how well they worked.

With close to 20K miles of previous use, I installed them on “La Perra.” That’s the name of my 2013 Police Road King, which in Spanish means the female dog…….get it? I personally do not believe that I would have set any record but for the effectiveness and ruggedness of the Love Jugs. They kept my bike cool as a cucumber half way around the world and back.

I eventually arrived in Alaska driving up the “Ice Trucker’s Road” called the Dalton Highway. My run completed and a world’s record for the books established upon driving through Prudhoe Bay/Deadhorse, Alaska. During the whole run and back trip, I logged close to 20K miles in two months.


Here are the lastest Jugs from Love Jugs, the powerful Minis.


In the 2016 annual banquet of the Iron Butt Association annually held in Jacksonville, FL during Bike Week; I was awarded a certificate where Mike Kneebone (IBA Pres) had me come up to the podium to announce my accomplishment of the sole Harley rider to complete that famous grueling Pan American run on an American Made bagger.

My Love Jugs plowed through miles of snow storms, massive rain, abrasive ash from the erupting volcano Cabulco, gritty sand storms of the Peruvian desert, the heat of Latin America, the salty air of the Pacific coast, and Hurricane Carlos.

Back home when I am stuck in Miami traffic on I-95 I coolly pass by those on the side of the road overheating. My love Jugs have close to 60K miles on them after, but they perform as well as the day I bought them. I hereby formerly endorse Love Jugs and highly recommend them on all your Motorcycles less I pass you on the road overheating with a possibly ceased engine!


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