Home 2019 International Motorcycle Adventure: Gabe Rides the Country of Ecuador (PART I)

International Motorcycle Adventure: Gabe Rides the Country of Ecuador (PART I)


International Motorcycle Adventure:
Gabe Rides the Country of Ecuador –

Gabe’s Moto Adventure: Banos Ecuador – The Volcanic Tree House I was super high in altitude breathing hard but I made it to Banos, Ecuador south of Quito. I saw volcanoes, but Pancho and I were short a virgin to throw into Volcano. It was a beautiful place extremely peaceful and beautiful. The clouds around the mountains and volcano was a memory I shall always keep with me. My South American moto-adventure was paying off with awesome POI’s. The Tree House is undoubtedly the best place to observe the Tungurahua Volcano, located in the hamlet RuntĂşn, and is 2600 meters above sea level. I encourage all thrill seekers to check this out because the ride and the destinations are to die for.

Here I am riding a Honda Africa Twin off road in Ecuador. I had a great time at the Horizons Unlimited event that had a 4-hour run. I went out with Colorado who led the way. I was with Julia from Kazakhstan and Josh from USA who was living and riding in Ecuador working as a Science teacher. Watch the video and you will have fun!

Here I am with my bro and guide showing me around Ecuador on adventure bikes. If you pay attention you can see how short of breath I am due to the atmosphere being so high in altitude. We rode dirt roads and when reaching pavement on the side of a mountain we stopped for a break. Acted like fools on the camera as I smoked a cigar. Then I got back on the bike and continued……………..Spoiler Alert……………..wait until the end of the video for the sneak peak of my next possible video. I am NOT getting paid but BIG shout out to (((Ecuador Bike Rentals.))) Dont go with that other French company cause you might night like it 🙂

Gabe’s Ecuadorian Moto Adventure – Riding To The Tungurahua Volcano I am riding to Banos, Ecuador in this video that prepared so that you can see how beautiful this South American countryside is. I am following Pancho of Ecuador Bike Rentals. They are not paying me but I had such a great experience with them that I am throwing them a plug. My next videos should be about the bad ass waterfalls!