Why Can’t The Florida Legislature Protect The Biker Community in 2020?

(((PLEASE SHARE))) Especially on your FL government official’s page. WHY IS THE FLORIDA LEGISLATURE NOT PROTECTING THE BIKER COMMUNITY??? Want to get pissed? Watch video and then share the message to inform others!

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Why Can’t The Florida Legislature Protect The Biker Community in 2020? My staff and I got into a conversation with my legal staff that needed to be heard by the Florida Legislature in Tallahassee. Its about these cagers that ride around recklessly without any bodily injury coverage. When they do have an accident they have the bare minimum coverage that covers your bike but not your body!

For too long and too often I get motorcyclists that come through my door seeking out my legal services. When I get a copy of the at fault party’s insurance either they have NO COVERAGE for bodily injury or a mere $10,000 when the medical bills are 1,000 X’s that.
This leaves the biker shit out of luck cause most of the time they have no assets to go after. You cant get blood out of a rock. It’s hard enough with the insurance companies trying to obtain proper compensation for fallen bikers when there is proper coverage. (cont….below)
The Florida Legislature MUST pass laws to protect Bikers and their families from losing all because some greedy Cager refuses to carry the proper insurance coverage! There has to be a streamlined admin process outside of the judicial system to at least force them to obtain insurance for the next accident.

Better yet get rid of the Personal Injury Protection (PIP) and pass legislation that all vehicles MUST have $25,000 minimum coverage on bodily injury and property damage. Our government has to protect the Biker Community because many are dropping like flies due to recklessness. There should be a better punishment and the State minimums must be raised to meet reality on the ground!