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Attorney That RIDES Border Crosses From Costa Rica Into Nicaragua 2019


Attorney That RIDES Border Crosses From Costa Rica Into Nicaragua 6/2019

The Attorney That RIDES aka Gabe Carrera, Esq.


GPS: 11.215760, -85.612070
Costa Rica/Border Crossing

Here I am with a helper or what I call them Border Crossing Assistant. Cost me $3-$5 USD at this busy bee border crossing. I just laid back and let him do the work. There are those that dislike using helpers but I on the other hand enjoyed the joking around and getting stuff done quickly. I never gave my passport or original documents. I gave him copies to then go chase down the Customs officer.

When I went into the Nica side of immigration’s there was a woman who charged me a $2 municipal tax……I think it was $2?!?!?! Then I went to immigration where the woman stamped my PP. Before all this I had to have my bike fumigated for bugs. Back to immigration I handed the helper a copy of my PP, bike title and registration to the Helper. The officer came as I was leaning up against the wall getting my boots shined for $1. I looked like el Gringo Pimp daddy as I let the officer go thru my bike as I was chilling against the wall. LOL, what a sight to see that was.

Once I got his approval I had to go see the national police for approval…………check! I paid for my fumigation that was in the back room behind the immigration officers. There was this one who was mad at the world but just as it was my turn she took a break and this nice gay kid took my papers and I was out of there in seconds and within minutes I had my half helmet in the wind.

***Below are border crossing instructions that I borrowed from iOverlander.

iOvernader had the instructions as follows:


lots of guys will approach you as soon as you exit Costa Rica, when police checks for passport and they do the first fumigation.

My advice is to get the help of one of these guys which were very helpful and let you skip annoying conversations and potential arguments with very unprofessional border police.

Attorney That RIDES With Nicaragua Border Crossing Assistant from Gabriel Carrera on Vimeo.

step 0: before you go to Nicaragua get, a copy of your temp import permit of Costa Rica, a copy of your driver license and a copy of your registration.

1. once at the main building, you need to approach the doors and find the custom guy near the door who has the form that you need to fill up.

2. there s a guy with high visibility vest on which is the guy that does the “inspection” to your vehicle.

3. with that form signed, go to the insurance place and pay the $12 for 1 month of insurance.

4. with all that you can now go inside and get your passport stamped by customs.
No yellow fever certification or permission to enter the country are required.
pay $2 dollars plus $10 to enter the country.

5. with all this go outside and find a guy that sells “rodaje” permit, which costs $5.

6. with all this go to the small police Hut that on the opposite side of the entrance, across the parking, to get the “vehicle inspection” done by the police. they will take your copies and stamp your initial form.

7. with this, you can go at the back of the passport stamping desks and get your temp permit printed out. there s a desk At the back, behind the xrays machines, where there s a guy with a desktop computer and a printer that does the job.

8. with this, you can now go to the exit where you will only need to pay another $3 for the receipt of the fumigation.

I had fun with the helpers and so will you when you roll through the border. If you see helpers ask for Luis Bitches or Beeches and show him this video for shit & giggles 🙂