Attorney That RIDES’ Extreme Motorcycle Adventure Reunites Him With International Friend Sasaki Norio

In 2015 I had just completed the popular ADV run on a Harley starting in Tierra Del Fuego (Ushuaia, Argentina), all the way north to the goal of Prudhoe Bay, Alaska. On the way down I stopped in Joy, Alaska finding this guy who would walk from Prudhoe to Tierra Del Fuego. His name is Sasaki Norio and thank God I grabbed my phone to record our conversation. I decided to do the run on a Harley AGAIN in 2019.

Doing my research for the second trip I found Sasaki onĀ  social media and I reached out to him. I was excited to see him again because he seemed like a cool dude taking on a tremendous challenge. I offered my services for $1,000 a day to translate Spanish but he politely declined. I actually thought the Mexican cartels were going to eat him alive, but he made it through with few issues to Ushuaia. Sasaki pulled a cart with all his gear over 25,000 miles meeting all sorts of folks. He was even featured in a newspaper somewhere.

Gabe aka the Attorney That RIDES Reunites with International Friend Sasaki Norio from Gabriel Carrera on Vimeo.

Upon Reuniting with Sasaki I noticed his English was WAY better than when we first met in Alaska. Imagine all the people I met on a motorcycle and the lasting relationships. If I never took on the bike I would never have met Marco Price or Lorenzo in Chile. Never met Santiago in Ecuador or my good friends that helped in in my breakdown in Chiapas, Mexico.

This is why I ride motorcycles for the joys that come with it. I congratulate Sasaki on completing his challenge and the pics that he takes. The man is an inspiration for all of us!

For more info on Gabe’s run around the world of Latin America you can see it at: