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Local Attorney Plans International Motorcycle Run to Raise $$$ for the American Legion Post 180!


Local Attorney That RIDES Plans International Motorcycle Run to Raise
$$$ for American Legion Post 180!

Your warm and fuzzy local Attorney That RIDES will run the world again in an effort to raise funds to benefit South Florida U.S. Veterans. While most lawyers brag about owning an motorcycle and riding we see a true rider unafraid to from from the southernmost tip of the world in Ushuaia, Argentina, South America. There is no land south of Ushuaia on ocean and then he will ride all the way north through Central America, Mexico, U.S., Canada, up the Ice Trucker’s Road to the most northern part of North America located in Prudhoe Bay, Alaska. The Attorney That Rides, aka Gabe Carrera, hopes to raise the big bucks for the veterans at the American Legion located in Broward County.

This is Gabe’s second run after barely completing the first run in 2015 where he garnered the world record for being the first to document a ride from the southernmost point to the northernmost point of the world in a continuous run. His 2015 run was certified by the Iron Butt Association, but later rejected by the Guiness Book of World records. The reasoning for the rejection is that Guiness does not distinguish between motorcycle brands. We all know it’s crazy to ride this run on a Harley, but for Guinness a bike, is a bike, is abike! Sorry Gabe……………



In 2015 Gabe backed by the Toys in the Sun RUN held a series of fundraisers, garnered onlines donations, and other corporations that donated per mile if he reached Prudhoe Bay, Alaska. Gabe broke down during Hurricane Carlos in Chiapas, Mexico with electrical problems. When the Harley dealer in Cuernavaca, Mexico got a hold of his bike he seemed to have other problems although they got him on the road. Gabe fought it through the new electrical shorts stopping at various Harley dealers that could not find the problems. Almost broke and broken the American Legion Post 180 came through with some cash to help gabe make it to the finish line in Prudhoe Bay, Alaska. Director of the Legion Riders at Post 180 heralded the call for support that without it Gabe would not have finished to become the first.

Today Post 180 finds itself in need of support and Gabe is stepping up volunteering to ride halfway around the world for his fellow Legion brothers and sisters. “This post has the best people around with history and an environment that helps heal the inner wounds of the newer vets that come in to talk,” says Gabe Carrera. “They do so much for the community that sometimes people forget to give back. I am here to give back and share with the world WE WILL NEVER FORGET!” Gabe plans on completing the new trip within 35-40 days with his good friend Kelsey Dowell of Iowa.









The American Legion Post 180 is holding a Charity party to raise funds for his campaign by putting jugs on the bar, holding raffles for door prizes and 50/50.

The facebook event with all the information is headlines, “Gabe’s U.S. Veteran Charity RUN: Southern FL Send-Off Party” The newest and hottest regional band, headquartered right here in Fort Lauderdale, named “SOUTHERN BLOOD” heard about Gabe’s charity run and donated a free gig to support their local U.S. veterans. Southern Blood always recognizes the U.S. Veterans when they are out playing giving honor where honor is due! Gabe thanks Alan Vine the bassist, and band leader Jimi Robinette along with the rest of Southern Blood for their time and energies to make this a successful run for our Veterans.

The Southern Blood Band is a “Salute to American Southern Rock” covering a wide range of music from artists such as The Allman Brothers Band, Molly Hatchet, The Marshall Tucker Band, Blackfoot, .38 Special, Lynyrd Skynyrd, and more. Their performance is a throwback to the 70’s and early 80’s with an unmistakable hard driving groove, signature Southern vocals, and dueling guitar force.

Gabe requests that supporters bring a donation of some kind April 6, 2019 to the American Legion Post 180: Gabe’s U.S. Veteran Charity RUN: Southern FL Send-Off Party @ 1280 SW 44th Terr, Plantation, Florida 33317. There will be two (2) full liquor bars, hot food served by the volunteers at Post 180, raffles, 50/50…….this bash will start at 7:00 PM with the Grindstone Sinners a Daytona Beach band. If you like the Grateful Dead, Rolling Stones, and other 60’s psychedelic rock sounds then these kids fresh out of High School will blow your socks off. Then at the end we will have Dave and Todd, The Jukebox Duo with special guests from the Grindstone sinners jammin until no one is left standing. This is Gabe’s favorite part of the night that he calls: “THE AFTERGLOW!”

Gabe has many LDR friends and supporters outside of Florida and the United States that unfortunately cannot attend April 6, 2019. For those of you that cannot attend, but want to donate to the cause you have Four (4) options below:

Option # 1 (Go Fund Me)



Option # 2 (PayPal)
PayPal by sending donation to: Carrera@FlaLaw.us

Option # 3 (Drop Off)
Drop a donation cash or check made payable to “American Legion Post 180
Drop-Off @ 1280 SW 44th Terr, Plantation, Florida 33317. Leave it with the Bartender make sure to tell Bartender it goes to Gabe Carrera for his motorcycle run!

Option # 4 (Mail Check)
Make check Payable to: “American Legion Post 180
Mail it to:
Attorney That Rides Law Firm
ATTN: Post 180
1600 W. State Road 84,
Suite B,
Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33315.
(954) 533-7593