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Will Hurricane Beryl Torment South Florida Hoka Hey Challengers?


Will Hurricane Beryl Torment South Florida Hoka Hey Challengers?

As the world Famous 2018 Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge (HHMC) comes approaching with its iron horse warriors chomping at the bit for the starting line – the threatening 900-Lbs gorilla in the room is Hurricane Beryl that is forecasted closer to the United States. All South Florida challengers have been checking, double checking their radar apps, the Weather Channel and Accuweather channel for a slight indication of strength that may delay their charge westward to Medicine Park, Oklahoma for the beginning of the 2018 HHMC.

According to WFTV Ch 9 “Beryl has strengthened into a hurricane Friday morning, maximum sustained winds are 80 mph, moving west at 15 mph. “Hurricane Beryl’s small eye has become apparent in infrared satellite pictures early this morning,” the National Hurricane center tweeted Friday.” The Track suggest it will more likely hit the U.S. than not but will it hit South Florida?

Accu-weather reports that, ““Beryl, the second tropical storm of the Atlantic hurricane season, and the first classified as a hurricane is heading toward the Leeward Islands, the Virgin Islands, and will approach Puerto Rico on Monday. If Beryl makes landfall in Puerto Rico it will be around Monday afternoon, and it will continue to impact the island into Monday night,” said Dr. Joel Myers, founder, president and chairman of AccuWeather. “While the storm is expected to weaken by the time it reaches Puerto Rico and probably will not be a hurricane, but a weak tropical storm, it still will carry significant moisture, resulting in general rainfall totals of 1 to 3 inches which is not a heavy amount. However, there is likely to be local spots that get up to 6 inches of rain, which could cause local flooding.”

Saturday July 7, 2018 at the American Legion Post 180 there will be a Bon Voyage party for these challengers that will rage battle with 10,0000 miles of hot temps and grueling roads fighting mother nature to be the top that cross the finish line. I am sure the weather in the Caribbean will be the topic of chit-chat that night.

Many will leave their homes behind with families wondering if everything will be ok. Others have supporters or families that assure that the loved ones will be taken care for should a Cat storm hit. If the news grows grim then few will sacrifice this year HHMC to be with their families during Hurricane Beryl should it make land fall.

The cheers will hit high heaven in S, FL if Hurricane Beryl misses Florida traveling into the Gulf of Mexico. Texas is on the shore with its neighbor Oklahoma just at its North. Could Texas be hit with a tropical storm dropping rain that could spread onto the Hoka Hey? Of course, I ask the question wondering of the possibilities being that I am rider #804. Texas the second largest state in the union leaves the rider knowing that Texas MUST be part of the HHMC route. That HHMC route might leave the riders open to the wet elements. Serious riders are studying the weather patterns and preparing for the worse. I am sure if the storm strengthens many will wait it out until it passes, and the HHMC ride commences a new.

Those Challengers that are experienced have their rain gear chosen and know how to handle the dreaded fogging up of the helmet’s face shield due to the humidity. A fogged-up helmet problem with no solution leaves a rider stranded on the side of the road as other challengers roar pass them inching closer to the finish line. I know the experience since in 2014 I battled the fogging up.

A good rain suit propels the water away for days in monsoon rain conditions. A bad or cheap rain suit leaves your grapes like raisins among other problems. My preferred rain suit company is KLIM. Klim is the top end of riding clothing gear world-wide. The Gore-Tex material works wonders for the rider leaving them dry as they dredge forward in the rain to obtain the crossing at the 10,000th mile of the Hoka hey competition. The feet MUST stay dry or the rider’s trip will be miserable with foot problems.

Regardless of the gear or the challenger’s condition the soggy 900-Lbs gorilla in the room is challenging the Hoka Hey modern warriors nine days prior to the start of the HHMC. If you want to follow these riders in “real GPS time” seeing them on the earth map of the roads please click on this link.


I am told by U.S. Fleet that the map should be live on July 10th …….or shortly soon after. You can follow HH riders as they compete against themselves and each other. Look out for Rider #804!