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Tools For Traveling? We Don’t Need No Stinkin TOOLS!


Tools For Traveling? We Don’t Need No Stinkin TOOLS!

Emergency Motorcycle Roadside Assistance???? Imagine that back road and your on the side broken down or with a flat tire hearing strange animal noises? I remember being broken down in the Yukon as I was traveling from Ushuaia, Argentina to Prodhoe Bay, Alaska. It was the loneliest road I have ever been on with one vehicle passing me every 2-3 hours. Although I had some tools I did not have the right ones for my bike. Having the right tools is a must when your broken down.

Having a tire repair kit in your saddle abg can save you a ton of $$$ when that screw in your tire screws you on your way to that expensive destination.

Whether your riding a Harley or an Indian you must have the right tools for your model and make. I don’t believe in generic tool kits since many have so many extra tools that you will never use but they weigh you down. I prefer to go over my bike and see exactly what you need by measuring all the bolts and screws. If ya got a Harley I know by memory the most important wrench ya need is a 7/16th wrench.


Bottom line is do you want to get robbed legally or illegally when broken down on the side of the road. Being prepared for things to come is in your best interest unless you have $$$$ to burn.

My suggestion is that you make a list of all the tools you need whether metric or english. Go get a small pouch to carry your tools. Do NOT buy cheap chinese tools since they will break when you need them most. Go buy Craftsman tools (sockets, wrenches, allen wrenches, ect). You will most likely not need more than 10- actual tools since many bikes have the same gadge bolts.

Lastly, if you can’t get your bike fixed with your tools have a PREMIUM towing plan to help you get off the road to somewhere safe. I posted MOTORCYCLE ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE video below but I never used them. I have had AAA but they refused to honor my motorcycle AAA plan on labor day in NC abandoning me on the side of the road in 95 degree weather. Choose your plan widely and do your research. Don’t be lazyyyyyyyy