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Kelsey & Gabe’s Pan Am Mission: Pirates of the Patagonia Waters Part II


Rider’s Report # 3-B
Kelsey & Gabe’s Pan Am Mission:
Pirates of the Patagonia Waters Part II

CONTINUED……………. As you can imagine they were quite startled but quickly relaxed as they saw it was me. They were intoxicated acting like a pair of horny teenagers on the ships railing in the cold of the night smoking their cigs. “Vampires!” Vampires the Swede shouted out. I’m like huh? “Vampires are trying to bite me!” I’m like, “Are we near land? You see bats?” “No,” she replied, “Vampires trying to bite my neck!” I then look at Mr. Fro-meister and with a mid-evil smile looking like he got caught with his hand in the cookie jar laughed saying, “I am the vampire!” About ½ hour later I told him to take her to his cabin. He replied, “She won’t let me.” With a sad frown on his face. They continued talking until 4 AM reviewing books, telling stories and sipping from their silver flask.

Next morning, I could not contain myself and I started spreading the stories to all my late-night drinking buddies that Mr. Frow-brows was getting hooked up. They all hanged on my every word savoring the quality of my Frow-bar update that they missed as they lay green with seas sickness in their cabin bunks. Later that same day as we were enjoying out lunch one of the Eye brow drama aficionados yelled “LOOK!” The Swede entered the dining area through the west side entrance at the same time Mr. Eye-brows came through the east side door.

The Hockey Puck!

They were both trying to hide their eruption of love veiled in thin secrecy, but they hide it badly. I called Mr. Caterpillars over to our table and as he approached, I stated in Spanish, “Congratulations my brother!” he looked bewildered and then he hung his head saying, “Yes, thank you.” As you guessed it the whole table of about seven started applauding and congratulating him with pats on the back as the man of the hour basked in the glow of envy and approval of his peers. After that they stuck together like chewing gum under a church pew for the rest of the trip that seemed like it would never end. That my friend is how you stay entertained in the most boring ship ride I have ever been on.

The Chief Harley Guy: Yeti
I met the Chief Engineer on the Evangelista who was super cool dude and he is a big Harley guy that belongs to an MC here in Chile. We started talking about the different bikes we owned and about traveling. When I went to add him to Facebook, we discovered that knew about 6-friends that we had in common. In fact, we had attended the same Harley motorcycle encounters (like a mini bike week) in the same cities. Yeti is the man’s name but the crew on board with big respect call him “Chief” for short for Chief Engineer.


The man has been treating us like kings especially accompanying us down to the bikes that is NOT allowed once the ferry is in transit. Us Harley folks stick together out here on the road no matter what country you’re in. The man had someone wash our dirty laundry where the rest of the passengers did not have that service offered to them. He is going to give us names and numbers of those in his MC club should something go wrong on the ride we can have someone to call. I am curious to visit one of the many club houses that his group has in Chile. I know it sounds like a tee shirt saying but you meet the best people on a Harley, but if you never go far you will never meet new people. Kelsey was surprised by the support and friends that I have so far in Chile discovered in my 2015 Pan Am run. I try to stay in touch with all the people that I meet on my worldwide travels. Social Media is an awesome tool for maintaining those contacts.

The night before we docked at our destination in Puerto Natalie Yeti told us about a stop in Eden, Chile that was on the way. He was getting some high-quality king crab cheap and was going to have the men in the kitchen prepare a kick-ass meal for us and he did. Kelsey and I went and ate so much are sides were bursting on the sides. We talked about Harleys, world travel, and our personal stories. Seems he is a leader in his MC that is family oriented more like a social club where folks come together with Harley centered interests. At the club house there will be kids, wives and grandparents there having a good time. It was a joy to meet Yeti, the Chief, here on the ship. He is coming soon to Miami so I hope I will be back from my trip so I can show him around my local biker playground.

The Australian World Traveler
Cool Ass People!

Troubled Waters Ahead:
The Pacific Ocean is not passive as its name suggests. Going down south the ferry goes through these narrow straits where the waters are calm. Once we went out into the open waters of the pacific the tone of the ocean changed into a nightmare. The crew was telling me that the waters were calm but for my first ever trip on a boat of this nature had me looking green. The first night I had a pain pill left over from my surgery in December and that made me go into a deep sleep. The next day the staff was handing out strong sea sickness pills that after an hour of taking manned me up real quick. After that it was just trying to keep from falling due to the rough waves crashing against the hull of the ship.

The Hockey Puck!

Kelsey and I’s cabin had a window that could open compared to the others below that were sealed windows. We were both lying down in our bunks with Kelsey on the top bunk and me on the bottom bunk. I could tell he was nervous and not liking the ocean’s temperament. I wondered out loud if the waves could reach our window or a serious flash of water soaking our gear. We closed the portal halfway since the boat had the heater on high and we were roasting.


Toward the End of the Bored Cruise
My opinion of the NaviMag ferry trip from Puerto Montt to Puerto Natalie is that its overpriced, the food is not up to par considering how inexpensive it is in South America. The Ship is very old, but rumors is they are getting a new ship for next year but the current one will still be used. Kelsey and I had the best rooms labeled as AAA. We had a private shower with lots of HOT HOT water. They rest of the folks complained about their showers that only had a push button and always came out cold. The food was low quality but enough to fill you up. No water bottles for sale only the small paper cups and water cooler available. Upstairs in the recreation area was a small cookies and soda bar with limited hours.

Some of the staff were nice but the guy serving the food seemed to be annoyed and everyday it showed more and more. I guess being the last trip of the season for the tourist passengers they were chomping at the bit to get rid of this band of shadow drinkers leaving wine stained circles on the ivory tables of the dinner room. The best part of the meal area was the hot sauce that had spices besides being a medium burn to the taste buds. Most of the time I just drowned the main dish in the sauce caused the food just super sucked!

I will soon be leaving my public writing area of the dining-room to my cabin to prepare my gear to take down into the belly of the ferry where the bikes are stored. Yeti is going to let us prepare while we are still moving, and the lower cargo hold is warm since the temps are hovering in the teens without calculating the 40 MPH wind factor. Like I mentioned earlier in another Rider’s report I must take Kelsey to the Immigration office to replace the stamped receipt he threw away. Then we have to hunt down a warm hotel and find something to eat. Easy you might think but the more remote you travel the harder it is to find accommodations of comfort.

From Puerto Natlies to Ushuaia we estimate that we can get down there in 2-days since there is only 5-6 hours of daylight available taking into consideration the weather cooperates. When we get to Ushuaia, we have Hector the owner of the Postal Hostel that is a high end and comfortable accommodation. For now this is my story as corny or as bad ass that you think it might be.

This is a Charity Run:
I will stop here and share the trip about the boat ride in Rider’s Report #3 the boat ride. But for now, I need to you donate some $$$$$$ for the American Legion. If you read my previous reports you know that I am riding for my local So Flo veterans through the American Legion (Post 180) located in Plantation, FL. The American Legion completes 100 years in service to our vets and their families. Post 180 does what they can to address the needs of our veterans within their reach in Broward County, FL. It is for this great cause that I am riding and asking you now to donate what you can. I generally ask for you all to donate a minimum of $20 but if God has blessed you donate more like $50 or $100! I ask you to donate what you can.

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