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Kelsey & Gabe’s Pan Am Mission: Riding To “El Fin Del Mundo!” RR#4


Rider’s Report # 4

Kelsey & Gabe’s Pan Am Mission:
Riding To “El Fin Del Mundo!”

The Ferry FINALLY Docks:
Once the Ferry docked the crew herded us into the dinner room until further notice as they unloaded the trucks from the belly of the ship. They did not have a separate ramp for the passengers get off the boring ship. It was as if we were all held hostage until they were ready to let us stroll off. Kelsey needed to go to immigration to replace the immigration stamped receipt that he threw away thinking he did not need it. We found out differently.

I quickly grabbed Kelsey and went straight to the ship’s operation, but no one was there thus we stalked the ship until we found the head honcho. I explained the need to leave the ship to save time to fix Kelsey’s immigration situation. I mean, He can’t leave Chile until he gets that receipt. The Head Honcho escorted off the ship as the other passengers where looking on thinking WTF?!?!?!?!?!

We ended up have to go downtown to the PDI that is like the local FBI office. We took a taxi and the PDI guy was so cool that he replaced Kelsey’s stamped receipt in less than 10-min time. We got back to the Ferry in Taxi seeing that the other passengers got off fine. We grabbed our bikes and had a better time getting off then we did get on. We did not scrape the bottom of our bike to shit!

We ended up staying in Puerto Natales, Chile in a world traveler Hostel called the Adventure Niko II Hostel. It was cold that night as we rode in and in the morning it was 29 degrees F. Free WiFi and great hot breakfast. In fact, I had eggs even though the Ferry said on the menu eggs every morning we never saw these Navimag eggs. I thought it was a little pricey buy I was beat and just wanted to work on these blogs. I hope you like my blogs and share them on your social media to get the word out. Takes a lot of hard work to update and entertain you folks! LOL

Gabe eating Breakfast

Puerto Natales, Chile To Rio Grande, Argentina:
Early that morning it was crispy cold but no strong winds snapping its icy whip at Kelsey and I. I started my bike up and it was slow turning due to the battery depleting by the security system going off in the belly of the Ferry’s movement. I can only imagine the poor bikes security lights going off in the Pacific Ocean as the waves crashed side the hull like we just ran over a damn whale……or at least that’s what it felt like.

It was beautiful riding all the way down a little North of Punta Arenas where we hung a left heading east toward Cruce Punta Delgada to cross the strait of Magellan. The trip was much better than when I arrived to board the ferry in 2015. The day was chilly, but no winds and it was sunny. This compared to 2015 when the winds were nearly knocking me over, it was like 32 degrees, and it was raining sideways …… yes, sideways because the winds were THAT strong!

Gabe’s 2019 Road Glide Ultra


There were lots a lama looking animals on the street, but they seemed to be smarter than the deer. When we came close, they ran from us by jumping over the fences or hoofing away from the side of the road. There were a few idiot lamas that did not heed their instincts and generally became roadkill on the side of the road. Kelsey and I had no problems with them riding. I would blow my horns and they would jump the fences in one bounce. It was really cool to see them jump so majestically over a 4-foot fence that would not hold them back.

The Border crossing into San Sebastian, Argentina:
The plan was to cross the Argentine border and stay the night into San Sebastian, Argentina. I like to think of it as named after my son since his name is Sebastian. Night fell pretty quick since that part of the world starts its winter and the folks in the States start their summer. The days get smaller in daylight time as the sun drops at 4-ish PM and then goes up around 10 AM. We missed the exit because my cell with Google maps got so cold that the operating system shut it down on me. We ended up riding to Rio Grande, Argentina situated on the east coast situated on the Atlantic Ocean.

Rio Grande, Argentina was a nice city with bustling traffic like they were freaking maniacs but they cant hold a candle to the Peruvians in Lima. The Río Grande (Spanish for “great river”) is a river located on the island of Tierra del Fuego. It arises in the Chilean (western) part of the island and flows in a generally eastward direction, through the Argentine part and into the Argentine Sea. At its mouth lies the city of Río Grande, Argentina.


The phone warmed up and I found some good hotels. I was not sure which one to pick and Kelsey was tired wanting to eat. One way of calming Mr. Kelsey when the hungry bear comes out is to pacify him with a gig-ole-meal! We settled on the Hotel Atlántida since reviewers gave it a 3.8 and the price was just right at $44 for two beds.

Early Morning Mishap: GPS Lost & Stolen in 3 minutes:
I was up and out getting my bike ready for the days trek down to El Fin Del Mundo. I grabbed my Delorme InReach Explorer SE that I purchased during the 2015 Pan Am Run to send an update to my supporters and followers. I laid it like a big dummy on the dash of my 2019 Harley Road Glide Ultra to let it talk to the satellite. Unfortunately, I was in such a run to start my journey south to El Fin del Mundo I forgot to secure the damn device. My GPS fell from my bike as I traveled in rush hour unable to stop. I turned around and in 2 minutes or less someone grabbed it from the street. Went twice and could not find it. I could not search everyone in the area to see if they had in their pocket. Maybe some car ran it over then they picked it up.

Either way my blood pressure rose as I became extremely mad at myself. I was having such a bad day and then Kelsey has to post my bad experience but he was right flipping my advice back to me. When his windshield broke I told him that Cubans try to make light of their plight. He reminded me but I replied that as soon as my anger subsides I will make light of the lost of my $500 device ☹

From now on use this link to track me!: https://screamingthunder.com/track-gabe/

Monument to the Wind (Puerto Natales, Chile):I was trying to forget my loss of my expensive GPS device by taking in the beautiful sites just outside Puerto Natales, Chile. I almost ran over a police officer at a police check because I was daydreaming looking to the right. I was properly scolded and told to watch my speed as the Officer performed his duties quite professionally, I must add. He told us about 30 Kilometers down the road was a beautiful monument to the winds I must see. The winds all united in Laguna Blanca, Chile from the Antarctica, The Pacific Ocean, the Atlantic Ocean, and the north winds. i think the winds were on holiday that day because they were Nowhere to be found. Chelsea and I decided to take a break and do some picture taking and video reports as you will see below.

This is a Charity Run:
I will stop here and tell you more on my trip to Ushuaia, Argentina, but for now, I need to you donate some $$$$$$ for the American Legion (post 180). If you read my previous reports you know that I am riding for my local So Flo veterans through the American Legion (Post 180) located in Plantation, FL. The American Legion completes 100 years in service to our vets and their families. Post 180 does what they can to address the needs of our veterans within their reach in Broward County, FL. It is for this great cause that I am riding and asking you now to donate what you can. I generally ask for you all to donate a minimum of $20 but if God has blessed you donate more like $50 or $100! I ask you to donate what you can.

A) Quickest Option:
You can donate digitally right now at: GoFundMe.com/Go-Gabe-2019, or

B) Snail Mail Option:
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C) The Ride in Option:
You can bring a check or cash to Café 27 on Thursday Night Bike Night or Saturday during the days and see Three Fingers (Brian) at the Attorney That Rides tent set up there. Brian is a member of the American Legion Post 180 and helps me set up at Café 27 and other biker events. Just drop it into the donation jug with a smile on your face knowing you giving to a local cause!

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