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Daytona Beach Mayor Cancels Biketoberfest | UP-DATE REVERSAL!


Daytona Beach Mayor Cancels Biketoberfest Against Locals’ Disapproval

OK……As I was working on the article below there were some rapid moving events that caused the event to be back on as they say. The Daytona City Council voted last week to ALLOW Biketoberfest.
This is ONLY because Gov. Ron DeSantis opened up Florida and making any county or municipality’s counter rules to be illegal in closing down their cities or counties due to the Chinese Virus regulations. The damage has been done and many traditional locations like the speedway will suffer because the damage has been done.

The city used the Virus scare to clamp down on an activity where the majority of the attendees are Trump supporters.  If your not sure what happened up to this point and you want to find out more on the Biketoberfest political Daytona drama then continue reading and watch the videos for Daytona resident’s opinions.


Last Week’s Political Drama?

I know its been a while since my last post. I have been through the Chinese virus shut down and I completed the Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge in August 2020. I wanted to bring to your attention the issue of Biketoberfest’s cancellation. There is an article on Spectrum News Channel 13 website that describes how Biketoberfest ended up being cancelled.
According to their article it states, “That’s according to Daytona Beach’s mayor, Derrick Henry, who spoke on CNN Monday. “We are in the process of deciding if we will move forward with those or not,” Henry said. “As it stands for me, it’s a definitive no at this moment in time, unless things drastically turn around.”

Biketoberfest and its spring counterpart, Bike Week, are two of the biggest annual events in Daytona Beach, bringing in thousands of bikers — and dollars — to the World’s Most Famous Beach and its surrounding communities. Biketoberfest is planned for October 15 through 18.
Bike Week, which is a much bigger event, took place in March as Florida began reporting its first coronavirus cases. City businesses and event organizers took precautions, but the event went on as planned. With other events and vacations canceled since then, Daytona Beach businesses, like other parts of Central Florida, have struggled with the lack of tourism dollars. Cancelling Biketoberfest would extend that hardship.

Other motorcycle events have been postponed or canceled around the state and the country. Leesburg Bike Fest, another large motorcycle festival in Central Florida, moved its annual event to November.  St. Pete Beach’s bike fest has been canceled. Panama City Beach’s spring event was canceled, but its smaller fall event in October is moving forward.
One festival that is not going away is perhaps the biggest in the country — the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally in August in South Dakota. Some of the major events have been canceled to avoid large organized gatherings, and the city is asking visitors to take personal responsibility and follow CDC guidelines. More than 250,000 are expected at the rally.”

Johnny Rock & Ride Speaks!

I was up in Daytona Beach the last few weekends talking to locals regarding the Mayor’s cancellation of the annual Biketoberfest. Many told me they were NOT happy with the Mayor and the City Council’s decision to cancel the popular biker rally.
Below I interview Johnny Rock & Ride who is a Daytona Main Street business owner. Johnny has had his Grateful-Davidson store on Main Street open all year round since 1980.

Johnny explains in the above YouTube Vlog that the city canceled the permits for outside vendors, outside events, but that the Brick & Mortar businesses are still open. He further explained that Ormond Beach, Daytona’s neighbor, is pushing Biketoberfest as open for business. They are granting permits for street vendors and public events that includes Bruce Rossmeyer’s Destination Daytona and that of the Iron Horse.

Mr. Miguel Nin the owner of Daytona Cigar Club owner explains his opinion and thoughts of the shut down of Daytona Beach’s Biketoberfest.