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Rider’s Report: Arriving into Santiago, Chile


Kelsey & Gabe’s Pan Am Mission: 
Arriving into Santiago, Chile

Rider Report: As you may or not be aware Kelsey and I are on a mission to complete the ultimate long-distance endurance run for the American Legion (post 180) in bringing attention to their 100-year anniversary of helping local U.S. veterans throughout the world and here locally in S. FL. We are raising funds to help the American Legion continue to assist veterans as they have for the last 100-years.

As I write this article, I am on the NaviMag Evangelista Ferry heading down to the bottom of the word with the waves booming against the hull of the ship. I slept for the greater part of two days until the ocean calmed so that I can concentrate without puking my guts up. The ship’s staff offered us sea sickness pills that I gladly took, and it helped. Kelsey is going Ironman with no pills, but he slept most part of the day.

When we flew into Santiago my good Harley friend Marco Price came to fetch us at the airport. We stayed with him for the most part except for that weekend as we waited for the Harleys to fly in via Lan Cargo from Miami. That weekend we went to Vina de Mar beach for some relaxation and sightseeing with my awesome Harley friend Lorenzo from Santiago Chile. All I can say is we had some good times and delicious seafood.

We ended up pulling the bikes out with no help from a fixer but discovered that somehow under Kelsey’s seat there was a wire grounding out power causing the new lithium battery to die. We were able to jump start it and head back to Marco’s pad. Eventually we replaced it with an aftermarket battery and headed over to the Wed night Harley bike night in both of our honor.

There were two bike ride ins that Kelsey and I attended. One from a group of guys that know me and have been following the run. They came about 30-Harleys which is not bad because it had been raining earlier. Yes, just like in the states when its rains the wannabees stay home. That started at 7 pm and around 11 pm we went to the other bike night to kick some life into it. When we got there, it was dying out because it was late. I had a great time and saw some old friends anew.

Between arriving into Santiago and leaving south toward Puerto Montt Kelsey and I made some great Rider Up-Date Videos that we posted on our personal Facebook pages. Please see the videos below along with some pics!

I ask that you take into consideration the cause that Kelsey and I are riding for: The American Legion Post 180. The American Legion helps a lot of veterans and they have a place to go and be with people of the same experience that is good for their heads. Post 180 is a very active post that feeds those in need for Thanksgiving and Christmas. A place that during the holidays they can come if they have nowhere else to go. A place where the Boy Scouts can meet and the fife and drum band from Fort Lauderdale Fire Fighters can practice as well as other social groups that make use of Post 180.

The national American Legion has many programs to help those locally in need also. For this reason, I ride hard and long raising funds for the American Legion. Would you please donate something today? You can donate right not digitally by going to: www.GoFundMe.com/Go-Gabe-2019, the other option is to write a check made payable to “AMERICAN LEGION POST 180” and snail mail it to:
Attorney That Rides
1600 West State Road 84
Suite B
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33315.

I am sure you can give a minimum of $20 but many are giving $5, $100, and up to $200 in a single donation so far. So, if you support what I am doing please give today!

Here are the different ways you can give:

A) Quickest Option:
You can donate digitally right now at: www.GoFundMe.com/Go-Gabe-2019, or

B) Snail Mail Option:
You can mail a check made payable to: “American Legion Post 180” snail mailed to: Attorney That Rides, 1600 West State Road 84, Suite B, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33315; or

C) The Ride in Option:
You can bring a check or cash to Café 27 on Thursday Night Bike Night or Saturday during the days and see Three Fingers (Brian) at the Attorney That Rides tent set up there. Brian is a member of Post 180 and helps me set up at Café 27 and other biker events. Just drop it into the donation jug with a smile on your face knowing you giving to a local cause!

I can’t make it easier for you to give than that