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What To Do Next After Being In A Motorcycle Accident

What to do next after a motorcycle accident

If you have just had an accident, what to do next after a motorcycle accident can be pivotal in getting you back in the wind or not at all:


Most importantly: Do not talk to any insurance adjuster before talking to an auto accident lawyer.

This could make your personal injury attorney’s job much more difficult later.  Insurance companies absolutely

want to pay you the least amount of money possible for any injuries resulting from your accident.  Many times

they will offer to pay only your immediate medical bills (like your ER bills). But they never tell you that you

should also get future medical, lost wages, and pain and suffering.


Insurance adjusters actively seek information from you, or about you, which will lower your injury value.  They

fish very creatively for this evidence.  They do this by asking, in a concerned, friendly way, things like “how are

you feeling?,” “what was your treatment,?” “did you have any pain in this area before?,” etc.  They sound like

very nice people.  But those questions are designed so that they get information to lower the value of your

accident case.  Don’t answer them.  I repeat: Do Not Answer Them. Call a personal injury attorney, such as

myself, instead.


You don’t know what statements can lower your car accident case value! Trust me! You would be shocked at the

innocent answers that can and will be twisted and used against you.

What to do next after a motorcycle accident

You are allowed to not answer or return the other driver’s adjuster phone calls.  In moderate to serious injury accidents,

insurance adjusters may also be very aggressive with their phone calls. They leave message after message.  But you can

freely ignore any calls from the at-fault driver’s auto insurance company, until you have decided what to do. BUT, your

own insurance company may have requirements under your policy that you report and assist them, often within 30

days or less in some cases. Those things should be done with the help of a personal injury attorney. Unless it is your

own insurance company, you owe them nothing.


Beware of false “deadlines” created by insurance adjusters to scare you.  They make up fantasy deadlines and rules

that have no basis in the law. In Florida, you must seek treatment within 14 days from some doctor or chiropractor to

get PIP coverage.  (You can still recover if you treated after 14 days from bodily injury insurance coverage, which is a

different type of coverage than PIP.) Besides that 14 day deadline, the only other important deadline is that auto

accident lawsuits must be filed within 4 years.  Insurance companies and their stupid “policies” can’t change that reality.


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