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Gabe’s Ultimate Long Distance Rider’s Motorcycle Modification and Farkles


Gabe’s Ultimate Long Distance Rider’s Motorcycle Modification and Farkles

Gabe’s Ultimate Long-Distance Rider’s Motorcycle Modification and Farkles video gives you ideas for your bike when preparing to take it on the long haul. What is a Farkle you may ask? The word is generally accepted to mean a combination of function and sparkle, hence, farkle. Motorcycle enthusiasts may install accessories, called farkles (also spelled farkel), to customize their machine.
I will show you quite a few on my Harley-Davidson 2019 Road Glide Ultra. I rode my sled from Tierra de Fuego to Alaska and then down to Key West. I did the same ride in 2015 ND IN 2019. According to the Iron Butt Association I am the first guy to be certified to ride from Tierra De Fuego, Argentina all the way up the Ice Trucker’s Road to Prudhoe, Bay, Alaska. I did not just ship it back I rode from Alaska to Key West! Motorcycle trip of multiple life time adventures. In 2021 I have plans to ride completely around the world 🙂

One of the toughest places that I rode my motorcycle was in the Patagonia Argentina. There I can honestly state that the roads that were pavement had holes cracks gravel in any other type of defect that would cause my motorcycle to go through hell. I would go down the road and bam, I would hit a pothole And I can hear the bottom of my bike scraping then immediately thereafter the whole back end would jump up and kick me off the seat while I was hanging on tight to the handlebars to keep from falling off.

I heard a lot of rocks hitting the bottom especially while I was riding on dirt roads and gravel roads in the country. I have to say that all my accessories help me one way or another on my trip and every time I get a new bike I try to transfer my accessories. This time I had to custom make a skid plate for my motorcycle. I guess the 2013 Rd glide skid plate would not fit on the 2019 road glide ultra.

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I’ve built good friendship with some of them especially Chrome Glow which is an awesome L E D motorcycle lighting company. Chris and I have become good friends by me soliciting his business. One thing with Chris is that when you go to Chrome Glow they go the extra mile and make sure that everything on your motorcycle is tight for the ride.
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