Gabe Meets Harlistas UIO in Quito Ecuador and They Love Harleys

#MotorcycleAccidentLawyer #AttorneyThatRides #JustCallGabe Here I was in Quito Ecuador getting my bike fixed after my son flew in with new replacement parts. It was cheaper to fly him in than to pay shipping. I was introduced to an awesome guy who was a member of the Harlistas UIO in Quito, Ecuador.

They love their Harley’s in Quito, Ecuador. I did a quick interview so that you all get an idea of who I meet when I am all nomad on my trips. If you are in SoFL and need an Attorney that understands your joy of riding then call me at 954-533-7593, because I will NEVER tell ya to give up your ride. I will do everything to fight for you and get you back in the wind.


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