Corey’s Rider Report: 30-Hour Ironman LDR
Motorcycle Rally – 2/2018 Marathon

This is Not a Race, But Rather a Test of Planning, Preparation, Strategy, and Tactics, Riding Skill, and Endurance!” *** ENTRY FEE: $100 to benefit the “The American Legion Post 180” Fund to Provide Veterans, and the Families of Those Deployed With a Complete Thanksgiving Dinner That Feeds a Family of Five! ALL BIKES WELCOMED!

This LDR rally is a long distance endurance motorcycle challenge where the challengers are offered a map of points of interest (POI) to visit while safely riding their motorcycles in the Sunshine State of Florida and its neighboring states. Each POI is valued differently according to its distance, time availability, or uniqueness.

The goal of the challenge is to strategically obtain as many POI points as possible and returning to the Florida Starting Line with a gas receipt dated 1:00 PM or earlier to qualify for an award. There will be trophies awarded for different category winners that include, but not limited to, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place, most miles, and least miles among the few. The trophies shall be awarded at the American Legion Post 180 on Veterans’ Day in Plantation, Florida.

There will be free”high quality” BBQ for the Challengers and their spouses or significant other delivered from Mission BBQ that has been supporting Veterans in the local community especially the American Legion Post 180 for quite a long time. There will be live music at 2 PM, thus the band will be announced. *** For those that will be meeting you there will be an American Legion ceremony remembering our Veterans. This starts at 11:00 AM and is open to the public. Buddy our commander is known for putting out a good spread of free food for the attendees after the ceremony at noon.

Please Bring a Friend!