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The Coral Head Ironman Roster Grows

coral head 30-hr ironman ldr

With the Coral Head Musicfest 30-Hr Ironman LDR rapidly approaching, we are glad to announce the 2nd batch of LDR Riders that have completed the process of  applying and have submitted their donation entrance fee. I present to you the Ironman LDR Challengers! Click here to see the 1st batch of LDR RIDERS!


Roger Buis

PLEASE WELCOME to the 30-Hr Ironman LDR Challenge……..Roger Buis (pronounced “Buy-Us”) w.o is a veteran at LDR and at LDR rallies showing off in the American Legends Rallies that is now defunct. The Hoka Hey Motorcycle challenge and many IBA runs! He is currently competing in the AULDR. He is a great friend of mine and he adds competition to those in the Veterans LDR Category. Please welcome Roger Buis!!!!!!


Charles Wilson

PLEASE WELCOME: Charles Wilson and his lovely wife as Challengers to the 30-HOUR IRONMAN LDR CHALLENGE!!! Below Charlie let the cat out of the bag somewhat but here is his beautiful spouse. They love to ride hard and Charlie will compete in the hardest run in the world called the Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge in July 2018. TO REGISTER FOR THE 30-HOUR IROMAN LDR JUST CLICK ON THE LINK……….Welcome Charlie Wilson!




Chris Pereira

WELCOME NEW RIDER: Chris Pereira from the “239” area code! In his own words…………”About me: I am not a vet. I’ve ridden dirt bikes since I was a small child and transitioned to street bikes later in life. I enjoy adventures such as 2,000 mile weekends as well as track days aboard my BMW S1000RR. I generally ride alone, so pictures of me on my bike are very rare, but I’ve attached what I have. The names over headlights on the track pic are of my kids, Mia and Christian. I live in Bradenton, FL and am looking forward to this adventure.” Please welcome Chris Pereira. IF YOU WANT TO REGISTER FOR THIS RUN CLICK ON LINK!!!!




Corey and Alexandra French

PLEASE WELCOME…………….Corey French and Alexandra French have been riding separately, but together, for six years now and have done thousands of miles on their bikes. Being teachers they have to plan their trips accordingly, but together they have gone through Georgia, Tennessee, North and South Carolina, and recently completed a motorcycle trip around the western half of France. Corey has completed solo trips to Utah as well as to New York. Alexandra has a Yamaha FZ-07 and Corey rides a BMW R1200GS (not pictured), which they ride daily in rain, sunshine, freezing temps, and blistering heat. This will be their first LDR competition and they are looking forward to some friendly competition between husband and wife. Couples who ride together, stay together! Please welcome this Power Couple!!!



Ruth Effner

PLEASE SHARE: A great shout out and welcome to Ruth Effner, she has been riding since 2012 and she loves i!. Her longest ride was the 40 to Phoenix with GWRRA in 2015 and she is registered to do it again this year. This is her 3rd year with Tour Of Honor and First year with LDR. Picture was taken in April 2015 when she picked up her new Goldwing. She is quoted as saying “looking forward to meeting new friends”. Remember folks,I can only post those that give me permission to post their LDR mug shot! Please give a warm welcome to Ruth Effner!!!



Barbara Truitt

WELCOME TO THE 30-HR IRONMAN LDR CHALLENGE challenge! Ms. Barbara Truitt who has been riding hard core since 1966! Barb has completed Iron Butt Saddle Sore Ride in 2009. It was a World Record Largest Saddle Sore Ride inside the state of Virginia to benefit Redwing Flight 19. She rode alone in 2012 from Florida to California & back going through 31 states totaling 8,500 miles (not all at once). Barb was traveling for 7 weeks, sightseeing and visiting friends and relatives.
Barb is the past Director (2-years) American Legion Riders, @ Post 72 in Warrenton, VA. She continues to be a member there.
Barb is a Patriot Guard Rider here in Central Florida. Please welcome this LDR veteran! #IronmanLDR


Someone is going to kill me! I lost these people’s emails and now I forget their names. I have the registrations but I cant place the faces with the names……sorry guys.