Home Attorney That Rides 2018 LDR Tire Review From the MC Internet Tech Nerds!

2018 LDR Tire Review From the MC Internet Tech Nerds!


2018 LDR Tire Review From the MC Internet Tech Nerds!

Fort Lauderdale, Florida
By Gabe Carrera, Esq.

Here we are in 2018 wondering if the tire companies have invented the tire of our LDR (LOng Distance Run) dream romancing our wallets to spend the extra dollar for the extra miles. You buddies have muddied the waters opining their ego opinions with what tire they recommend YOU should buy. With doubt in mind your friendly Attorney That RIDES has his the net looking for information regarding the best tire for 2018. Not trying to reinvent the wheel (pun intended) I copied and pasted the result in this article for you to watch and choose. You ride so you decide and let me know your thoughts on what is the best tire in your head!

This annoying tech geek gets the job done in relaying what tire really works for 2017. I dont think there is diff in between years but it gives you a reference point from last year.


This FAT CAT is Revzillas Harley guy selling you tires with factory specs. Although I wish he mentioned more studies on the tires like the nerd maybe they will see this article and improve the quality of the info they relay to their customers.


Now many of you folks know that I rode a 2013 HD Road King Police model with a fairing from Ushuaia, Argentina in South America, (900 miles from Antarctica), all the way up the Pan American highway through South & Central America, Mexico, North America and right up the Ice Trucker’s Road to Prudhoe Bay, Alaska in 70 days. I rolled through S. America on Metzlers 888 on the front and their stock sticky tire on the front. I rode in rain, snow, sand, gravel and light mud. The tire stood up and I believe that any dual or triple compound tie would hold up to crappy roads.

Since I do this research for me and NOT you I am looking for a tire set to use on my 2017 HD Road Glide Ultra BECAUSE I am running my trip again in 2019……leaving end of April! For those of you who are thing……….. “WTF?” I placed a video for you to watch so you can see all the crap I had to endure in this crazy trip. This is the video that I presented as a keynote speaker for the 2017 Iron Butt Association (IBA) Annual Bike Week Banquet. Enjoy!

So far the young nerd has my ear and I think I will try out the Michelin Pilot Road 4  since I like the raves. I am riding the Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge this July 2018 and I am giving my RG a new pair of tennis shoes to try out. If I like it I will call Michelin and see if they will sponsor me! Hey if its good for these freaky long and multi-weathered roads then it will be more than good for the touring biker like you.


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