Home News Bikers To Sue Cops for $1 Billion For An Alleged “Witch Hunt”

Bikers To Sue Cops for $1 Billion For An Alleged “Witch Hunt”

Bikers to Sue Cops

Four members of the Grim Guardians motorcycle club showed up to Twin Peaks restaurant in Waco, Texas, on May 17, 2015, for a meeting about state politics, they claim. Instead, rival motorcycle gangs opened fire on each other before police moved in. They walked into gunfire, and they left in handcuffs, this is what led Bikers to Sue Cops for $1 Billion For An Alleged “Witch Hunt”

When the smoke cleared, nine men were dead, 20 people were injured, and 177 bikers were arrested for engaging in organized criminal activity—including the Grim Guardians.
Now Jim Albert Harris, Bonar Crump Jr., Drew King, and Juan Carlos Garcia are suing the city, law enforcement, and the restaurant for violating their civil rights, slandering their reputations, and more. They’re not the first bikers to sue cops over the shootout, but they are the first to demand $1 billion and compare the violence to poison gas attacks in Syria.
It is the “worst police operation initiated by law enforcement in the history of Texas, including the fiasco of the Branch Davidian storming that killed dozens of innocent women and children outside of Waco over 20 years ago (which resulted in far more civilian casualties than the recent gas attacks by Assad of Syria),” said Beaumont attorney Brent Coon, in a press release.
Eventually, Coon claims, Waco’s handling of the shooting “will be shown to be one of the biggest blunders and cover-ups by any law enforcement agency in the country,” and the city will eventually be proven as “another Salem, Massachusetts in a witch hunt for bikers.” When Harris, Crump, King, and Garcia arrived that muggy day, late Sunday morning, the strip mall was quiet except for the roaring of motorcycles approaching the Hooters-like restaurant from the interstate.
They didn’t know that several Waco law enforcement officials were outside and anticipating violence. Officers established a perimeter around the brawl ahead of time—based on intelligence about the escalating conflict between the Bandidos and Cossacks—and were watching for the fight to break out.

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