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Wheelie School Will Teach You To Get It Done Just Like The Pros Do

Wheelie School

Wheelie School Will Teach You To Get It Done Just Like The Pros Do

But you’ll have to go to Germany to attend it…


Wheelies are so much more than the sum of their parts. They’re a blend of exhilaration and showmanship,

as iconic as many of the motorcycles themselves, and both completely useless while also a by-product of

incredible skill and bike control.


Many riders are obsessed with wheelies, for one or all of the reasons above. Some of us are attracted to the

attention they cause, some of us the fun they bring, and many of us for having an additional tool in our belt

and more knowledge about what the bike is going to do between our legs.


A lot can go wrong with wheelies. Sure, once you’ve learned them fairly well, the chances of crashing are slim.

But it’s the getting there that often ends in losing control of the throttle, careening off to the side, or looping

out over the back (all of which are well documented if you’d like to search “wheelie crash” on YouTube).


For those of us who are a little more cautious but still want to learn what it takes to initiate and maintain a wheelie,

there are a few places you can go to learn—but unlike track riding schools they all vary greatly in their methods

and equipment used.


Our pals at Supermofools attended Jeremy Vonk’s Stunt and Wheelie School in Germany, and his program looks

like it actually could be quite helpful at learning to loft that tire. Vonk is a professional KTM stuntrider and his

school uses KTM 390 Dukes and a special wheelie safety device which keeps you from looping the bike and

allows you to focus on balance.






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