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CCM Success Grows With Their Spitfire Pukka Off-Roader

the CCM spitfire Pukka Off-Roader

CCM first told MCN of their intention to produce a scrambler variant of the spitfire a few weeks ago – and now we can exclusively reveal the bike, and it looks like it’s got serious potential.

The Spitfire Scrambler uses the same hand-made steel trellis frame  although the subframe is slightly different to account for the new twin, high-level exhaust. The Scrambler also has increased ground clearance , thanks to longer-travel fully-adjustable suspension. Adding to the off-road credentials are new wheels (19in front, 17in rear) shod with dual-purpose tyres. Completing the look are a set of raised off-road handlebars, a purposeful sump guard and other rugged styling features, such as a new two-tone dual seat. Seat height is just 830mm and the dry weight is a featherweight 123kg.

The rest of the componentry, such as the Brembo brakes and 55bhp 600cc single-cylinder engine are all shared with the spitfire, the rampant success of which made this new Pukka Off-Roader Scrambler version possible.

ccm spitfire Pukka Off-Roader

“When the Spitfire 600 was unveiled by its very first customer at the MCN Show in February, no-one had any idea into how this unique machine would set hearts alight,” says John Drogan, Sales and Marketing Manager at CCM. “Within seven days, all 150 allocated build slots had been sold!

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