As we all know being seen on the road is paramount, but finding the right tools to help us be seen can be tough. The new Sequential Run-Turn L.E.D. Bat lashes by Kuryakyn helps solve that problem!

The ground-breaking L.E.D. Bat Lashes just got better. Tried-and-true style plus increased visibility now offered with integrated sequential turn signals. Auxilliary run-turn functionality featuring white L.E.D. running lights and amber L.E.D. turn signals that light up individually for consistent directional illumination. Durable injection-molded ABS with ultra-bright L.E.D.’s for longer life, low current draw and a look unlike any other.

  • Provides additional L.E.D. white running lights and amber sequential turn signals
  • Requires drilling holes in fairing to route wiring for plug-&-play installation
  • Includes run-turn controller

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