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Mugen Unveils The Shinden Roku For 2017 TT Zero

2017 TT Zero

Team Mugen presented the latest version of its 2017 TT Zero – winning electric racebike at the 2017 Tokyo Motorcycle Show. John McGuinness, and Guy Martin will ride the MugenShinden Roku (“roku” meaning “six”) in this year’s race.

Mugen has won the last three TT Zero races with McGuinness winning the TT Zero in 2014 and 2015 and Bruce Antsey victorious in 2016. McGuinness owns the lap record with a time of 18:58:743 on the Isle of Man’s Mountain Course set in 2015.


The 2017 TT Zero Roku is an evolution of last year’s entry, the Shinden Go. Mugen’s claims of 160.9 hp and 154.9 lb-ft. are the same as last year’s machine but the Shinden Roku is said to weight 4.4 pounds less. The fairing has a thinner nose and the tail rise up to a much sharper point.

The 2017 TT Zero is scheduled for June 7.


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