UPDATE: March 15, 17:34

The Department for Transport has been in touch with MCN to clarify that motorcycles aren’t included in the new laws regarding handheld devices, as we wrongly reported in our original story (below).

A spokesperson from the Department for Transport told MCN: “This law applies specifically to car drivers and handheld devices obstructing their field of view, although we don’t recommend motorcyclists use their satnavs while riding.”


Original story: March 14


New laws regarding hand-held devices while driving which came into effect on March 1 also extend to motorcyclists.

Sat nav systems can still be used while riding, but they’ll need to be positioned out of the 45º angle of the rider’s view and you won’t be allowed to reprogramme them while riding.

Meanwhile drivers caught using mobile phones while driving will face tougher penalties, which extend to sitting in stationary traffic. Drivers will be handed six penalty points – instead of three – and a £200 fine. Double the previous fine.


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