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Hurricane Irma Relief For The Victims In The Keys

Hurricane Irma Relief

Hurricane Irma Relief For The Victims In The Keys

On September 16th  Attorney Gabriel Jose Carrera along with Jim McCubbin, set out to gather and deliver much needed

supplies to the victims in the Keys of Hurricane Irma. They didn’t have basic supplies like running water and power,

subsequently leading to the loss of food and basic conditions to be able to sustain basic routines needed for life out on the

outer islands.


This was the 1st reach out to the community on FB in regards to Hurricane Irma Relief:

Hurricane Irma Relief

It was then recirculated by others in the community:

Hurricane Irma Relief blast


The response from the community on night one was outstanding, but they were not done yet:

hurricane irma relief notification


They kept spreading the word and reaching out to everyone in the community for assistance.

A few of the Victims were there at the American Legion Post 180 (now homeless) helping out with the fundraising:


The word spread about the work Attorney Carrera ( Attorney That Rides)  was doing and more people

got together to gather supplies to take down to the Florida Keys. Bars and patrons started gathering money

as well as donations.

jim mccubbin


Powerline Marina

With all the donations of water , food, clothes, and more, Attorney Carrera was able to fill up his Ambulance

in addition to his tow trailer. They then went out to purchase extra supplies with all the money raised.


They were able to get through the barriers and deliver the supplies to the distribution point at Marathon Key.



Although there was a great turnout and the supplies delivered were

well needed the fight is not over yet.

Attorney Gabriel Jose Carrera and others will be coming together

again this week to make another caravan run to deliver supplies to

the victims in the Keys.

They will be accepting donations at American Legion Post 180 from 10AM – 11PM

Make any checks for donation out to “American Legion Post 180”

Cash and supplies can be dropped off at American Legion Post 180

(  1280 SW 44th Ter, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33317  )


Thank you