A motorcycle rights group says Bernalillo County Sheriff’s deputies went too far when a deputy

Draws Gun on Biker while confronting them on the road who deputies say were driving recklessly.

Deputies claim those bikers were weaving in and out of traffic on Saturday, putting

others on the road at risk.


Bernalillo County officials say around 3:00pm Saturday deputies responded to reports

of 50 motorcycles in the area blocking traffic and driving aggressively.


The motorcycles eventually surrounded the patrol units and allegedly started throwing gang-related

signs in their direction, according to a report released by Bernalillo County officials.

But cell phone captured the tail end of the incident and seems to show a BCSO vehicle catching up

to one of those bikers before the deputy in the passenger seat and draws gun on a biker.


Representatives from the New Mexico Motorcycle Rights organization say there is no justification for

that potentially deadly response when the deputy draws gun on a biker. “We are not condoning, nor are we defending, the actions or behavior

of the riders. We can agree that is dangerous behavior on the roads,” said Raymond Gallegos of the

NMMRO. “However, for a deputy to pull his weapon with no obvious threat on (a) moving vehicle on a

public road near a public park, that endangers the public and the rider.”


BCSO officials say that deputy was in fear of immediate and impending battery from the biker in

question. In fact, they are actively searching for that man to try and identify him.


After the cell phone video was released, and a flood of public messages and comments poured in,

deputies say they are launching a full investigation into the incident.



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