Home News Enraged Cyclist Shoots Fireworks And Hits Motorbikers

Enraged Cyclist Shoots Fireworks And Hits Motorbikers


An explosive encounter!

Enraged cyclist shoots fireworks and hits motorbikers  using home-made

rocket launcher on his handlebars.


Rocket launchers and high-speed chases are things that belong in video games like Grand Theft Auto.

But this road rage cyclist merged the two in real life as he shot fireworks from a homemade device

strapped to his pedal bike.

The angry cyclist took aim at motorbikers in Italy and almost hit them several times as he fired the

explosives from the front of his bike frame.


In the dangerous footage, captured by a bodycam strapped to the shooter, a motorbike can be seen

swerving directly in front of him, cutting him off, and almost causing a collision.


They shout at each other in Italian before the motorbike speeds ahead.

Apparently enraged by what has just happened, the cyclist speeds up and begins loading fireworks into the

device on the front of his bike.

The launcher looks particularly amateur as it is made out of cardboard and held together with Sellotape.


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