Biker Billy Cooks with Fire – Tempeh Terror

This is a great colorful and delicious dish that strikes terror in the hearts of tofu everywhere. The Biker Billy Cooks with Fire tempeh has a wonderful texture and a flavor that has overtones of rich grains and hints of nuttiness. The broccoli and carrots are still crisp and the onions delightfully browned and caramelized. I use frozen broccoli florets simply because it allows me to save prep time. Like Biker Billy Cooks with Fire says, fresh is always better, and nuking them yields a perfect texture. The sauce has a nice warm snappiness with one chipotle pepper and can be fired up with more peppers until your hearts content. The dish has very little added oil as compared to standard restaurant style peanut sauces. As a result it tolerates gentle reheating of leftovers (like there would be any) without breaking down into an oily mess.


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