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Attorney That RIDES Prepares Motorcycle For “Tierra De Fuego to Prudhoe Bay” With Hi-Tech E-Gear


Attorney That RIDES Prepares Motorcycle For “Tierra De Fuego to Prudhoe Bay” With Hi-Tech E-Gear
Fort Lauderdale, Florida USA

In 2015 I travelled the world from the southernmost point (Ushuaia, Argentina), and rode my 2013 Harley Road King to the Northernmost point (Prudhoe Bay, Alaska) to the Arctic Ocean. After the Iron Butt Association did their research certifying my run I was listed as the first person to do this famous run on an American made motorcycle.

I made the list but for some reason Mike Kneebone the IBA prez did not start a new category from bottom to top but placed me as if I was riding from Prudhoe to Ushuaia. Maybe I can change his mind this year on that since I am doing it again.

I even earned this cert from the IBA! (see below)

I wanted to prepare my bike to handle the challenges I confronted in the spring of 2015. I did my dry run and made many mistakes that I plan to avoid in 2019. One of the first things I did was get a new bike. I purchased a 2019 Road Glide Ultra (touring) SUPER CHEAP from Rock City Harley-Davidson located in Little Rock Arkansas.

I quickly updated the air filter and threw some Screaming Eagle pipes on it with a tuner and I dynoed the bike and then…………….I installed a fuel management system that is Harley and won’t void warranty. It’s just like a Power Commander. If I go into the high elevations it adjusts the fuel/air mixture as it also does coming down the mountain. Ohhhhh……Boom sound system with 3-amps. Got to have tunes for those 18,000+ miles of riding.

After getting the engine in shape I started on the lighting and other electronical devices. I purchased a thermal detecting cameras that are standard issue in U.S. Abrams tanks. The Flir PathFindIR II is a powerful thermal night vision system that helps you clearly see road hazards in total darkness, and it will alert you to nearby vehicles, people, and animals. Headlights typically illuminate about 450 feet straight ahead, but PathFindIR II detects heat without a need for light, allowing you to see up to four times farther down the road.

You’ll have visibility through dust, smoke, or fog, and better capability to avoid an accident. If you want someone with the motorcycle expertise to sell you the cam and the monitor I suggest you call the Midnight Rider.


I then took all my E-Gear and dropped my Hog over to Chrome Glow who sponsored me in 2015. Jesse the high tech E-guy quickly took over the project and made it his own. Under the motto of leave no man behind he made sure all the connections and wiring was NASA quality to prevent malfunction in a bad part of a strange town in a wild country. Click on the video below and see what exactly was done with my bike.

I still have to find a good monitor and the dealer that sold me the monitor refunded me me back to my credit card with no problem. NAV-TV is located here in Coral Springs, Broward County. High end tech stuff for your car! Bob was my salesman and if you have any questions give him a call and his extension is #106.


There will be more posts updating you on my trip including my research on logistics, border crossings, innoculations like yellow fever and rabies. Also, Please note I am riding for the American Legion Post 180 located in Plantation, Florida. I have set up a GoFundme page where all the funds go to my post. Please give of yourself and make a donation today! #ironmanldr