Youtuber Crashes His Motorcycle While Performing A Wheelie –

FHP investigating biker’s ‘dangerous’ driving videos


A Central Florida biker who is a controversial Youtuber Crashes His Motorcycle and fell off  injuring himself while attempting

to do a wheelie near Walt Disney World, videos posted to the website show.

Jake Anthony Bigby, 29, records videos of his risky motorcycle rides using cameras mounted on his bike and helmet.

He later posts clips on his YouTube page, RPSTV.

Following a News 6 report about Bigby’s previous videos, the Florida Highway Patrol launched an investigation into the biker.

That probe is still underway, according to the agency.

“He has no regard for anyone else out on the roadway,” FHP spokesman Steven Montiero said in April.

“For him to build a fan base off of dangerous situations and disrespecting other drivers is just plain wrong” which is

apparent when this Youtuber Crashes His Motorcycle.

In June, Bigby posted videos of himself attempting a stunt on State Road 535 under the I-4 overpass while riding his motorcycle next to a car.

As the front wheel of his motorcycle lifts off the ground and the bike is launched airborne, Bigby falls backward off the seat and skids across the pavement

No other vehicles were struck by Bigby’s motorcycle and no one else appeared to be injured, the video shows.

In one of the YouTube clips, titled “Motorcycle crash!  Wheelie Fail,”  Bigby can be heard moaning as a paramedic examines his bloody leg.

According to Bigby, the crash broke his left ankle.

“Obviously I take some calculated risks.  Wheelies, or riding a motorcycle in general,”

Bigby told his YouTube viewers while later narrating the video footage.

“(It) launched me and there was just no way to calculate that kind of an error happening in the middle of what was supposed to be a smooth launch.”

Under Florida law, both wheels of a motorcycle must be kept on the ground at all times unless the road surface or

other circumstances beyond the operator’s control cause vehicle to briefly lose contact with the ground.


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