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Her Name Is Kinga Tanajewska & She Is One With Her Bike.

Kinga Tanajewska

She is a passionate solo adventure rider. After a trip of 19.000 km around Australia she is now on her way on a round-the-world trip. Her name is Kinga Tanajewska and she is one with her bike.


Kinga left Poland after finishing Engineering University. She did not want to get stuck in a job right away, but take the time to discover the world and experience ‘life’ before settling into an everyday life.

She had already lived in the USA and England, and decided it was time to move again. But where? Canada or Australia.

She took a chance with the hottest place and moved to Sydney. What was supposed to be a gap year turned into something different: Sydney became her home.


“At the beginning I didn’t mean to stay here forever,” Kinga says, “I just wanted to explore. Since I don’t like crowds and love nature and remote places, Australia seemed to be the perfect choice.”

Kinga Tanajewska

Back in the 90’s, Kinga was a member of the Polish motorcycle community. At the age of sixteen she was already going for weekend camping trips and rallies with her Honda CB450 Nighthawk.

Year after year her passion for motorbikes grew until it finally reached its peak: she discovered adventure riding in Australia. A perfect match!


“I never really went on dirt bikes before I came to Australia,” she says, “Everybody got inspired by the series The Long way round.

That made adventure riding very popular but I actually didn’t watch the series until last year. My riding inspiration came from the people I met in Australia.

They had motorbikes that could go on and off road; they could go anywhere. I thought ‘Wow…this is what I want to do!’ and I decided to go around Australia on a motorbike.”



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