Home News Motorcyclist killed during Biketoberfest in hit-and-run

Motorcyclist killed during Biketoberfest in hit-and-run

Motorcyclist killed during Biketoberfest

Motorcyclist killed during Biketoberfest


A man is dead and another is on the run after a pickup truck collided with a Motorcyclist

killed during Biketoberfest near Daytona Beach on Sunday, the Florida Highway Patrol said.

Troopers said Jeffrey Martin, 51, of Ormond Beach, died in the crash, which was reported

at 5:15 p.m. at 13th Street and San Jose Boulevard.


The FHP said the driver of a 2004 Ford pickup ran a stop sign before he hit Martin,

who was driving a 2002 Honda motorcycle.

Martin was rushed to Halifax Medical Center, but he did not survive his injuries,

the FHP said about the Motorcyclist killed during Biketoberfest.

David Kiel was inside his 13th Street home when he heard the collision.

Kiel said he ran outside and saw the motorcyclist on the ground. He then said he noticed

the driver of the pickup truck call someone. Minutes later, Kiel said he saw a white Nissan

Altima arrive at the scene and let the driver inside before taking off.


“Neighbors are kind of beating ourselves up, hoping we had maybe just taken a little more

action,” Kiel said. “But in times like that, you’re thinking, ‘There’s a guy on the ground.’

You don’t know if he’s gonna live or die, and we’re hoping the best for him and trying to

tend to him.”

Friends of Martin said he he was enjoying Biketoberfest before the crash.

“I’m a rider myself, and it’s just horrible to see any Motorcyclist killed during Biketoberfest

, or possibly fighting for their life,” Kiel said.



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