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Mama Tried’s Slippery Sunday : Updates

Mama Tried's Slippery Sunday

Mama Tried’s Slippery Sunday News:



Participants are 12 years and older, must be 14 to ride a 450cc. No brakeless bikes.

Bikes must be full framed with 150 minimum cc’s.



Riders must be at least 18 years of age at the event. Engines must be model year

1981 or earlier. No brakes or suspension is allowed.



Participants must have AMA pro card to enter. 100{6afdcdf14f1f3d0d6d046bdd6bb6844d1d6f78a435ef85ae323b1d28ccc5d3f7} pay back.



Engine size is unlimited. Riders must be at least 18 years of age at the event.

Engines must be model year 1981 or earlier. Rear brakes are mandatory.




Familiarize yourself with the Flat Out Friday Supplemental Rules.

1. AMA screws only! No Canadians, don’t ask.

2. All bikes must have tether switch.

3. Fenders are AMA approved.

4. All bikes MUST have catch cans to collect the radiator overfull and excess gas from


5. All pits must have fire extinguisher.

6. No electricity is provided.

7. Participants will load in the McKinley Marina using the 1750 N. Lincoln Memorial Dr.

Participants are responsible for finding their own secured parking. Load in at 9:00am,

Sign up at 9:00am-11:00am. Riders Meeting at 11:30pm. Practice 12:00pm-1:00pm.

Racing 1:00pm. Open Ride 2:30.

8. Heats are 6 riders per. Mains are 12 riders per. Starts will be by green flag.

9. No alcohol allowed in the pits.

10. All riders must wear full face helmets, long sleeves, gloves and ankle high boots.

11. $15 for pit pass. Every person needs a pit pass.

12. All riders will have current AMA membership. Annual and one day memberships will

be available for sale. All minors, even Pro riders, must have AMA annual release in

your possession.

13. All persons in the pits must sign liability waiver.




Read More: http://mamatriedshow.com/slippery-sunday/