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Keanu Reeves’s Luxury Motorcycle Company Arch Motorcycle

Arch Motorcycle

Wired offers a look inside Arch Motorcycle, an LA-based custom bike shop founded by Keanu Reeves

and Gard Hollinger. Utilizing both cutting-edge technology and artisinal details, the shop crafts

luxurious, big-ticket motorcycles.


Reeves takes the crew on a tour of the facilities, where workers utilize a mixture of hands-on

craftsmanship and forward-looking technology to customize each motorcycle. Arch doesn’t just

design attractive motorcycles, it takes a serious look at the inner workings of the vehicles, as

demonstrated when Hollinger points out a downdrift induction system designed in-house. The

company tapped locally-based VIN Tech to aid in developing exclusive technology to use in

customizing bikes. Reeve puts on an HTC Vive to demonstrate how VR is utilized to conceptualize

the bikes before they’re even built, granting designers a view from every angle.


The bespoke designs start at $78,000 USD, with the prices of more customized bikes running

even higher. Check out the luxury brand’s website for more info and watch the video above.

Reeves was last seen in the recently-unveiled trailer for ‘Replicas’.




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