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Hogs for Heroes Gifts Harleys to Veterans

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Ask Harley-Davidson owners why they ride, and you’re sure to get a variety of answers. But one common benefit of getting in the wind is that it can be very therapeutic and calming. So, it makes perfect sense that the heroes of our great nation tend to also own and ride Harleys. But for those who may not have the financial means to do so, there’s a fantastic non-profit organization,Hogs For Heroes, that gives the gift of Harley to Wisconsin-based veterans.

Hogs For Heroes was started by four Wisconsinites, two of them dedicated riders. One of the founders, Hogs for Heroes PresidentKevin Thompson, was inspired to start the non-profit after reading about the positive effects motorcycle riding has on veterans suffering from PTSD. The company raises money through donations and third-party events such as golf outings and sponsored rides. Last year, two deserving veterans received new bikes from those fundraising efforts.

“Hogs for Heroes is truly a grassroots organization,” says Thompson. “Through fundraisers, bike nights and everyday Wisconsinites donating their time and money, we are now able to accept applications and award our third Harley-Davidson to a Wisconsin Veteran Hero. All along, it’s been our goal to award one bike at a time and recognize one hero at a time. We have been able to make the rough road a little smoother for two returning Wisconsin Heroes already, while conveying a collective message of gratitude for their service contributions.



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