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How To Clean & Lube Your Motorcycle Chain

Motorcycle Chain

How To Clean & Lube Your Motorcycle Chain


A little bit of elbow grease goes a long way. To prevent your motorcycle chain from living a shorter than desirable

lifespan, keeping it fresh and clean is paramount. In this How To video, Lemmy walks you through the process of

how to clean and lube your motorcycle chain. With the right tools and some knowhow, extending the life of your

motorcycle chain and sprockets, as well as increasing performance (and just looking better overall), can be done

with a minimal time and monetary commitment.


How To Step by Step:

Step One: Figure out your chain type.
Step Two: Arrange your bike in a position that will make your chain easily accessible.
Step Three: Examine your motorcycle chain.
Step Four: Spray your chain with chain cleaner.
Step Five: Scrub the chain.
Step Six: Re-soak the motorcycle chain with your cleaning agent of choice.
Step Seven: Fully dry your motorcycle.
Step Eight: When fully dry, Apply Lubricant evenly on all sides of your chain.
Step Nine: Clean up and ride!


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