Check out these 8 new moto gear products that will help clean up, trick out, and get work done in your garage.


Matrix Concepts M80 Toolbox
If you still have your grandfather’s trusty toolbox in your garage, it might be time to upgrade. Matrix Concepts gives you the opportunity to get with the times with its M80 Toolbox. With an eight-drawer design, it comes standard with locking drawers and heavy-duty hardware to stand the test of time. The best part? For $399.95 the box comes in a variety of bold graphics to add 2016 flavor to your workbench.


8 New Moto Gear Picks 8 New Moto Gear Picks Pro Bolt Aluminum

Pro Bolt Aluminum Workshop Box

Got a screw loose? Okay, well maybe the Pro Bolt Aluminum Workshop Box can’t help with that, but the kit can help with tricking out and customizing the bike in your garage. The Workshop Box consists of 200 pieces of 7075 aluminum hardware, including common bolts, nuts, and washers. The array of hardware is designed to fit non-stress areas of the motorcycle, including case covers and fairing hardware, and not only replace the existing pieces but also add some flash to your bike. The Workshop Box is priced at $262.83.


8 New Moto Gear Picks bfk lift

Kendon Trailers Stand-Up Lift
There’s no longer a reason to break your back working on your bike. At its full raised height, the Kendon Trailers Stand-Up Lift raises your motorcycle 32 inches off the ground, allowing for easier accessibility while working. And in case you don’t have an air compressor, the lift’s air-over-hydraulic jack can also be used via a manual pump to raise the 80-inch-long platform. Sure, the $799.95 price tag sounds a bit hefty, but your back will be thanking you every time you use the lift.





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