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The 2018 Tsaatu-Natsu Route

2018 Tsaatu-Natsu

The route for the 2018 Tsaatu-Natsu Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge route will take riders from Medicine Park, OK and will run for nearly10,000 MILES entirely within the LOWER 48 STATES before returning to Medicine Park for the finish line.  It is intended to be one of the most spectacular and one of the most technical routes yet!


The 2018 Tsaatu-Natsu Challenge route is still under development but you can be certain that it will meander thru the back roads of numerous States within this great nation; traversing scenic byways and passing thru multiple National Parks & Indian Reservations.  It is here, alone on the road, that the greatest battles often take place. It is at moments like these when true warriors take stock of what is most important and rethink their motives, their actions and their beliefs.  Only a true warrior will rally when faced with such great odds and uncertainty.




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