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Self-Riding Motorcycle is Here and it’s NOT a Tesla!

Self-Riding Motorcycle is Here and it’s NOT a Tesla!
Fort Lauderdale, FL

Well it looks we are advancing from self driving Ubers and Teslas now to BMW motorcycles. NBC News MACH is reporting that BMW has developed a motorcycle that rides by itself. My question is how it stays up-right at red lights who am I to stand in the was of science?

NBC NEWS MACH states that, “Self-driving cars have quickly moved from a far-out idea to a here-and-now reality. Now one German automaker has built a self-driving motorcycle — one that can start, accelerate, steer and brake to stop, all without a rider.

No one is looking to fill the roads with riderless motorcycles. Rather, BMW sees its autonomous motorcycle as a test bed for technologies that would improve the safety and handling of conventional motorcycles.

“We want to teach the motorcycle how to ride a bike,” said Stefan Hans, the engineer who leads the self-driving motorcycle project for BMW Motorrad, the company’s motorcycling division.

BMW’s self-driving motorcycle resembles the $22,000 R 1200 GS model on which it’s based, except for the equipment cases mounted alongside and above the rear wheel that house the self-driving computer and other electronics. A radio antenna mounted at the back receives instructions from test engineers and sends real-time data on the performance of the motorcycle and its self-driving systems.

The motorcycle is steered via a small electro-mechanical actuator developed by the project team, Hans said, with other actuators controlling the throttle, clutch, gears and brakes. There are no sensors to detect obstacles in its path, as the motorcycle is only being tested on a track near BMW’s headquarters in Munich.

Some modern motorcycles are already equipped with antilock braking systems (ABS), traction control and other rider-assist technologies that are commonplace in automobiles. But with these systems “the rider has to act first and the system can reduce brake pressure or engine torque if otherwise the motorcycle would become unstable,” Hans said. “In my opinion, future systems should be able to look ahead a few seconds and inform, warn or intervene before the situation becomes dangerous.”

Would motorcyclists welcome such technologies? Zack Courts, a motorcycle journalist who co-hosts a show on the Motor Trend channel, isn’t so sure.

“I think there will be a lot of riders who will hate the idea of the bike trying to predict anything,” Courts told NBC News MACH in an email. “Then again, there were, and are still, lots of riders with a lack of faith in ABS or traction control, when the fact is those are good safety systems to have. … I’ve learned that even if new technology isn’t perfect right away, it has the potential to help keep us all safer.”

Hans declined to give details on BMW’s plans for development of the new technologies, saying only that he was confident that the ongoing work on the self-driving motorcycle would lead to changes in conventional motorcycles.

The NBC NEWS MACH article can be found here: https://www.nbcnews.com/mach/science/bmw-teaching-motorcycle-drive-itself-so-it-can-help-save-ncna910801




Harley-Davidson Milwaukee 8 Engine Problems!

Harley-Davidson Milwaukee 8 Engine Problems!
Fort Lauderdale, Florida USA

Bikers are loving the torc they are feeling riding the new 107-engine the Milwaukee 8 have. It’s been two years and some problems have bubbled up to HD attention. This video explains some of those problems that you may or may not be having. I have personally have blown one oil pump on my 2017 RGU in 3,000 miles but there is a new oil pump that cures the problem.

Over all I love my 107 over the 103 but I just purchased a 114 a week ago from Rock City HD in AR. They gave me and other LDR guys awesome deals. Call Joel Britt at Rock City and tell them the Attorney That RIDES in FL referred ya to get a new bike. If ya buy one I get $200!

Here is another mechanic telling us about other issues that the primary video does not touch on. The tech is from BIG TWIN SERVICES EVANS, GA 

Some of the comments in response to GA tech’s video are as follows:

“Im a Harley Tech,, and have not seen this problem once so far in our dealership,, the expansion of the parts when at running temperature is considerable,, i can assure you that chain is to tight and will eventually damage parts in the drivetrain ie compensator / trans mainshaft bearings,, not to mention the very early wear of the tensioner shoe.. 7/8 cold and 3/8 hot is what it should have.. you should have moved it maybe one or 2 clicks at most so the chain just barley didnt hit the case and left it there 6 clicks is way to much.. but you are there i am not your call your responsibility ,, i just hate to see harley get blamed for misjudgment of the person working on it and making a incorrect adjustment..”

Eitherway, when you go to buy a used bike make sure the services were done correctly and frequent!

ABATE SE Announces 38th Annual Motorcycle Event (Florida)

ABATE SE Announces 38th Annual Motorcycle Event (Florida)
Fort Lauderdale
By Admin

ABATE SE has just announced its 38th Annual Motorcycle event to be held at Mickey’s Tiki in Pompano Beach, FL.

The event will be on Sunday, October 14, 2018 starting at noon ending around 5 pm. There will be live music, 50/50, door prizes, food & drink specials, and lots of cool Bikers with great attitudes! For more information of wanting to know what ABATE SE is up to check out the newsletter here.

ABATE has traditionally been defined as ‘A Brotherhood Against Totalitarian Enactments.’ The most recent definition is ‘American Bikers Aiming Towards Education.’ ABATE was originally formed by Lou Kimzey of California. The concept has since spread across the nation with many chapters in most states. Most ABATE organizations are run at the state level with the various chapters or regions participating therein.

ABATE came to Florida in the mid-1970s. At that time it was a group of individual and unaffiliated chapters. In 1979, ABATE of Florida, Inc. was formed by these chapters. This union was the basis for today’s organization. Throughout the years, ABATE of Florida, Inc. has striven to be an effective political force for the rights of motorcyclist in Florida. We have attempted to keep up to date on all legislation on a federal level and have tried to input our concerns to our federal officials.

ABATE of Florida, Inc. has a professional lobbyist to aid us in our fight for freedom of choice. Our lobbyist has been instructed to keep close watch on all state or national legislation that would affect all motorcyclists.

ABATE of Florida, Inc. is a member of the National Coalition Of Motorcyclists (NCOM) and the Motorcycle Riders’ Foundation (MRF).

There are over 7800 members of ABATE and over 30 ABATE chapters throughout the State of Florida, one close to you to chose from. CLICK HERE to see all the chapters in Florida, there’s one close to you.

What exactly is A.B.A.T.E.

ABATE is a motorcyclists’ rights organization dedicated to preserving individual freedom and promoting safety.
We fully support rider training, safety and educational programs.

ABATE defrays the cost of fighting for your rights thru runs and benefits. We encourage our members to become active in their local communities.

ABATE works to protect the rights of all motorcyclists through direct involvement in the political process.

ABATE is non-partisan and welcomes all riders. We give those with a strong interest in motorcycling an
opportunity to unite and become part of Americas strongest motorcycle organizations.

ABATE feels that all of us, from lifestyle rider to off-road-fan, are brothers and sisters with a common interest … riding free! Our members have joined forces to put an end to discriminatory legislation, to educate and to protect the freedom of all; both riders and non-riders alike. We do this not only to benefit us, but to promote a better image of motorcyclists in general!

ABATE stands for many things, but most of all, it stands for FREEDOM! There are no special requirements for joining aside from an interest in promoting motorcyclists’ rights and safety. As a member, You are showing support and help in the ongoing struggle against anti-motorcycle legislation.

A.B.A.T.E. of Florida Charter Goals

To print a newsletter to keep all bikers informed in regards to upcoming legislation, runs, parties, and events statewide and throughout the country.

To become a powerful and viable political force in legislative matters concerning the motorcycle enthusiast.

To motivate enthusiasts to write to their legislators.

To promote safe riding habits without infringing on the individual’s freedom.

To work toward educating our legislators in motorcycle matters so that they are able to make the right decisions effecting motorcycle riders.

To initiate, endorse, and sponsor educational programs, rider safety, public awareness, affirmative legislative action, and individual freedoms and rights.

To create and promote a positive public image of motorcyclist and motorcycle groups, to dispel and disprove media hype, unfounded propaganda and the “Hollywood Image”.

To encourage goodwill and mutual understanding among motorcyclists, law enforcement personnel and the general public.

To benefit the less fortunate (among our group or outside) through organized activities-such as blood drives, toy runs, general donations, other fund raising activities, and coordinated events sponsored by other approved organizations whether or not related.

To serve as an information source pertaining to current laws, pending legislation, personal rights, political inclinations of elected officials and their constituents, ABATE lobbying and endorsements and voter awareness.

To act as a central responsive agency to devise and coordinate recreational, legislative, educational, and charitable activities.


A Biker Gang!
A Fraternal Organization!
A Motorcycle Club!
A Government Branch!

Whether you ride on or off road, ride a cruiser or a sport bike ABATE of Florida has a lot to offer YOU and YOU have a lot to offer ABATE. Let’s work together to make this a better place for all of us!!!


Screaming Thunder Motorcycle Blog Gets Face Lift

creaming Thunder Motorcycle Blog Gets Face Lift
Fort Lauderdale, FL
By Admin

Screaming Thunder® the Motorcycle Riding Biker Blog is created by the Attorney That RIDES, aka Gabe Carrera, located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The blog was initially started to keep Gabe’s supporters informed with rider reports, pics and videos on his record setting Pan American Motorcycle Run that raised $50K+ for two different children hospitals located in South Florida. Mr. Attorney That RIDES set the record as the Longest Motorcycle Run from South to North on an American made motorcycle. This was set in 2015 within 70-days from Ushuaia, Argentina to Prudhoe Bay, Alaska on a 2013 Harley-Davidson Police Road King.

World Record Champion Gabriel Jose Carrera

The S. FL Biker Lifestyle and Long Distance Endurance Riding are two other important issues that Screaming Thunder® wanted to celebrate and educate the online community. Some of the nerwe features that Screaming Thunder will bring to its subscribers for free are video libraries, Biker Events, easier access to view the articles and content, friendlier mobile phone navigation and super appeasing for the eye when you land on the splash page. Events such as LDR events nationwide and South Florida parties and activities will be posted.

One of the up and coming events/articles that will include rider reports, videos and pics will be the Pan America 2.0 Run in May 2019. Gabe plans on taking the challenge to ride half way around the world on a 2019 Road Glide Ultra with his Hoka Hey riding buddy Kelsey Dowell who will be riding an older HD RGU.

Attorney That Rides

The run is sponsored by Rock City Harley-Davidson and Gabe is in the works of obtaining other sponsors to help make this dangerous trip a success. So as new posts, articles, videos and events are posted check in every so often to find out what is new!




Will Hurricane Beryl Torment South Florida Hoka Hey Challengers?

Will Hurricane Beryl Torment South Florida Hoka Hey Challengers?

As the world Famous 2018 Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge (HHMC) comes approaching with its iron horse warriors chomping at the bit for the starting line – the threatening 900-Lbs gorilla in the room is Hurricane Beryl that is forecasted closer to the United States. All South Florida challengers have been checking, double checking their radar apps, the Weather Channel and Accuweather channel for a slight indication of strength that may delay their charge westward to Medicine Park, Oklahoma for the beginning of the 2018 HHMC.

According to WFTV Ch 9 “Beryl has strengthened into a hurricane Friday morning, maximum sustained winds are 80 mph, moving west at 15 mph. “Hurricane Beryl’s small eye has become apparent in infrared satellite pictures early this morning,” the National Hurricane center tweeted Friday.” The Track suggest it will more likely hit the U.S. than not but will it hit South Florida?

Accu-weather reports that, ““Beryl, the second tropical storm of the Atlantic hurricane season, and the first classified as a hurricane is heading toward the Leeward Islands, the Virgin Islands, and will approach Puerto Rico on Monday. If Beryl makes landfall in Puerto Rico it will be around Monday afternoon, and it will continue to impact the island into Monday night,” said Dr. Joel Myers, founder, president and chairman of AccuWeather. “While the storm is expected to weaken by the time it reaches Puerto Rico and probably will not be a hurricane, but a weak tropical storm, it still will carry significant moisture, resulting in general rainfall totals of 1 to 3 inches which is not a heavy amount. However, there is likely to be local spots that get up to 6 inches of rain, which could cause local flooding.”

Saturday July 7, 2018 at the American Legion Post 180 there will be a Bon Voyage party for these challengers that will rage battle with 10,0000 miles of hot temps and grueling roads fighting mother nature to be the top that cross the finish line. I am sure the weather in the Caribbean will be the topic of chit-chat that night.

Many will leave their homes behind with families wondering if everything will be ok. Others have supporters or families that assure that the loved ones will be taken care for should a Cat storm hit. If the news grows grim then few will sacrifice this year HHMC to be with their families during Hurricane Beryl should it make land fall.

The cheers will hit high heaven in S, FL if Hurricane Beryl misses Florida traveling into the Gulf of Mexico. Texas is on the shore with its neighbor Oklahoma just at its North. Could Texas be hit with a tropical storm dropping rain that could spread onto the Hoka Hey? Of course, I ask the question wondering of the possibilities being that I am rider #804. Texas the second largest state in the union leaves the rider knowing that Texas MUST be part of the HHMC route. That HHMC route might leave the riders open to the wet elements. Serious riders are studying the weather patterns and preparing for the worse. I am sure if the storm strengthens many will wait it out until it passes, and the HHMC ride commences a new.

Those Challengers that are experienced have their rain gear chosen and know how to handle the dreaded fogging up of the helmet’s face shield due to the humidity. A fogged-up helmet problem with no solution leaves a rider stranded on the side of the road as other challengers roar pass them inching closer to the finish line. I know the experience since in 2014 I battled the fogging up.

A good rain suit propels the water away for days in monsoon rain conditions. A bad or cheap rain suit leaves your grapes like raisins among other problems. My preferred rain suit company is KLIM. Klim is the top end of riding clothing gear world-wide. The Gore-Tex material works wonders for the rider leaving them dry as they dredge forward in the rain to obtain the crossing at the 10,000th mile of the Hoka hey competition. The feet MUST stay dry or the rider’s trip will be miserable with foot problems.

Regardless of the gear or the challenger’s condition the soggy 900-Lbs gorilla in the room is challenging the Hoka Hey modern warriors nine days prior to the start of the HHMC. If you want to follow these riders in “real GPS time” seeing them on the earth map of the roads please click on this link.


I am told by U.S. Fleet that the map should be live on July 10th …….or shortly soon after. You can follow HH riders as they compete against themselves and each other. Look out for Rider #804!





Tour of Honor: A Long Distance Run Benefiting Veterans

A Long Distance MC Run
Benefiting Veterans

By Gabriel Jose Carrera, aka Attorney That Rides
Fort Lauderdale, Florida USA

I remember hearing about the tour of honor last year through the American Ultimate Long Distance Challenge on FaceBook. I joined and rode the FL and GA POI’s. I had the best time riding, meeting new people and seeing places that might take a few years to get back to. It was riding with a purpose instead of just riding aimlessly for the purposes of placing high mile trips under my belt.

I was just up in Washington DC for Rolling Thunder and before leaving I decided to hit all the Tour of Honor (TOH) POI’s in the area. I got silly and decided to create a fun video about the TOH. In the video I forgot to take my flag off the bike and I lost it. Not really, I freaked out and traveled back finding it on the road after 50+ cars ran it over. So play the video and fun with me as I ride all over this GREAT country’s capital.


The Tour of Honor Motorcycle Ride is a great reason to hit the open road, honor our nation’s heroes, and contribute to a few good charities. The event is a season-long, self-directed ride to memorials and monuments around the continental U.S., Alaska and Hawaii. Beginning April 1, visit as many sites as you want, with any route you choose. Finishers Certificates are awarded to those who visit any seven sites.


Trophies are awarded to the first three riders to visit all of the destinations in a state (or region). Click here to see what trophies are available now. A “Jack Shoalmire Achievement Award” will be awarded to the person visiting the most memorial sites during 2018. More information can be found here.

According to rider preference, $20 from each paid registration will go to Fisher House FoundationOperation Comfort Warriors, or Police and Fire: The Fallen Heroes. All profits after expenses will be divided equally between the three charities.


SEARCHING FOR THE LOST GENERATION visits as many of the American Doughboy statues as possible by October 31. Details are here.


WAR DOGS visits as many of the War Dogs and K9 Hero memorials as possible by October 31. Details are here.


HUEYS visits as many of the Huey Helicopter sites as possible by October 31. Details are here.

The SEA-TO-SHINING SEA TOUR is a themed ride visiting all 12 “Madonna of the Trail” monuments by October 31, from Maryland to California. Or vice versa. Locations are here.

The FOUR CORNERS RIDE is a visit to any ToH memorial in each of the following states: Washington, California, Florida, Maine. To get credit for this ride, submit all photos in one email.

The following two rides are timed endurance runs and not recommended for novices. They are Iron Butt Association-certified and must meet the strict guidelines of the Iron Butt Association.

Iron Butt Association

The TOUR OF HONOR SADDLESORE is a 1000-mile ride in 24 hours, visiting and documenting at least four TOH memorial sites, in any state, during the ride.

The TOUR OF HONOR SADDLESORE-EXTREME is a 1000-mile ride in 24 hours all within one state or region, visiting and documenting all seven of a state’s selected memorial sites.

Searching for the Lost Generation
War Dogs and K9 Heroes
UH-1 Huey Helicopters
Sea-to-Shining Sea
North to Alaska
Four Corners
Iron Butts



Rolling Thunder XXXI First Amendment Demonstration Run: Washington DC

2018 Rolling Thunder XXXI First Amendment Demonstration Run: Washington DC

By Gabriel Carrera aka the Attorney That RIDES!
Washington DC


Every year I try to make it to Rolling Thunder in Washington DC to ride for those who cannot. I have friends that are veterans and those that are not that meet up with me in DC. One of my friends Bill Avilles usually rides in with the central route of Run For The Wall (central route). Run to the Wall is somewhat different than the Rolling Thunder but its all with veterans with big hearts with love for their country and their brothers and sisters. I will write about Run For The Wall in a later article because I believe that I should share this with others because their mission is so American! I found this short video explaining the what, whys, wheres and all that to hold you over until I sit down and write that article.


According to their website The Rolling Thunder First Amendment Demonstration Run is an annual protest and gathering that first started in 1988. Motorcycle riders from around the nation, and even around the world rally in the Pentagon parking lots and then begin riding a designated route through the Mall area of Washington, D.C. Afterward, it is an opportunity to meet old and new friends, pay respect at the memorials and participate in the Memorial Day events. The event is an actual demonstration/protest to bring awareness and accountability for POWs and MIAs left behind.


Since I have been going i have ridden past Marine Staff Sergeant Tim Chambers who is known as the saluting marine. He has been doing this for about 4-5 hours once per year. This man is highly respected and revered by all veterans and civilians. His love for those that ride has no bounds that he continues to show up every year no matter what his health condition is. One year he even saluted for over four hours with a broken wrist. He is one tough Marine but when you hear him talk he is very mild manner with a calming voice. He believes in the mission of Rolling Thunder and even got married in one of the Rolling Thunder. Watch this video that even brought tears to my eyes!


My experience this year was special as it was for the last few years of attendance. When I left Florida it was raining due to tropical storm Alberto spewing its moisture all over the southern Florida. I even wondered aloud on Facebook whether I should go. Good for me that I sobered up from those thoughts and headed out the Friday before the run. My son graduated High School Friday evening and immediately I went home to bed. After 2-hours sleep I rolled out onto the Florida highways making my yearly trek to DC.


I made it to northern NC before the extreme tiredness took over Saturday. I rolled into DC early that Sunday only to find that my biker friends that were to meet me took a hotel since the campgrounds were all muddy. I showed up and scored a clean room for $109 with free breakfast in the morning. I got a few hours sleep and I proceeded to find the Pentagon where the procession was to commence.

I was late because of all the road closures and my damn GPS kept sending me where I didnt want to go. Finally near noon I get to the Pentagon where the Rally was to start and I get in line with other bikers. I was surrounded by the Nam Knights motorcycle club. I rolled in and mentioned to the lady biker next  me, “Just got in from Florida when do we leave?” She could not believe that I just rolled from FL. She explained that I was amongst the Nam Knights and that they get to leave first. I thought I should move since I was NOT a Knight but she insisted that I stay.

“I was this Lady Nam Knight’s Guest!”

“My name is Paisan and this is my husband. You will ride will us because you my guest!” WELL HELL YEAH BABY!!!! Life got good about right then. I followed her as per her instructions and we went through all of downtown DC past the capital, the saluting Marine, ect ect and right past the lincoln memorial onto I-66. At that point I knew someone fucked up because we were suppose to stop at the park that we pasted by. People were pulling over scratching their heads like WTF?!?!?!?!


I bopped back onto that hated GPS and surprising it took me to the Pentagon with no delays or problems. There were four HUGE parking lots of people waiting to do the run. I went and found the official vendor of the Rolling Thunder pins & patches. After buying my patches I decided to do the ride a second time. I got back in line and shortly I was back into the parade of bikes heading downtown Washington DC. The Patriots and veterans where all aligned on the side of the roads with curious tourists wonder what all the fuss was about.

The good news is I stopped this time at the park across from the Lincoln Memorial and met up with my biker amigos that were already wonder where heck I was. I finally hooked up them by the Rolling Thunder stage in front of the Lincoln Memorial by the waters in front of the Washington Monument. I was with folks from Ohio and Florida. They brought up the flag detail and the wooden cage to demonstrate how POWs were treated during the Vietnam war.


I had a good time and met with many friends and made a crap load of new friends. I was sad to leave DC behind as I do every year. This year I had to battle the wet torrent rains of Tropical Storm Alberto. At least for Rolling Thunder it was rain free…..not too hot…..not cold….just right!


Gabe is a Florida Biker Attorney that represents the local Biker community in South Florida. He has practiced law in South Florida for the last 11-years in the areas of Injury and Family Law. Gabe set a world’s record by being the first to ride a Harley-Davidson from Ushuaia, Argentina (Tierra Del Fuego) to Prudhoe Bay, Alaska in 2015. That run was certified by the Iron Butt Association and recognised by the Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge. Gabe is a big supporter of veterans and volunteers and donates of his time and funds through the American Legion Post 180 in Plantation, Florida as a SAL member.



If you like riding Motorcycles long distance and visiting interesting points of interests then this rally might be fore you. Click on the pic for more details!

Long Distance Endurance Rallys

Harley Adventure Riders: Dempster Highway to Tuktoyaktuk Canada

ADV Harley Riders

Harley Adventure Riders:
Dempster Highway to Tuktoyaktuk Canada

Written By Gabe Carrera “aka” Attorney That RIDES!

Attorney That Rides Motorcycle Accidents Florida

Last Updated on May 20, 2018 – 10:07 PM
(Note to reader: There are many links that take you to YouTube videos, government websites, and riding articles to better inform you. This is more for me than for you since I am riding halfway around the world starting May 1, 2019 on a 2017 Harley-Davidson Road Glide Ultra)


Adventure Harley-Davidson Riders
ADV riding has always been reserved for KTM/BMW dual sport bikes until I completed the famous motorcycle run from Tierra Del Fuego, Argentina to Prudhoe Bay, Alaska. Other HD riders and myself are blazing a new Harley sport that leaves many of the Iron Horse haters fuming and foaming at the mouth. Being the first man on a Harley-Davidson motorcycle to complete the Pan Am run successfully and then having the Iron Butt Association certify the run has expanded the definition of ADV riding. Some of these ADV riders may not agree but America has freedom of the press and speech so sue us!

You don’t have to ride a foreign bike to go adventure riding. I have seen and met many that has traveled to Prudhoe Bay on Harleys and these are all in my opinion adventure riding dogs on Hogs. Are you an adventure rider? If you have to ask…….but you can become one and travel your state, country, and world!


When I traveled around the world I met so many people that never left their villages let alone travel to the capital. In Florida I see folks that own beautiful motorcycles that never left South Florida in their motorcycle riding life. My advice to a biker that read this article and what’s to challenge themselves is ride to Alabama or Georgia on a Thursday and come back on a Monday.

If you live outside of Florida start with a 700 mile trip, then for the next trip ride 1,500 miles and before you know it your riding 10,000 miles in a month to see as much as you can absorb! It’s addicting and its expensive unless you ride the vagabond way but that is for another article not for the Inuvik-Tuktoyaktuk Highway.

Registration Opens For the 30-Hour Ironman LDR Challenge (Meals of Honor)!

Long Distance Endurance Rallys

Registration Opens For the ATTORNEY THAT RIDES’ 30-Hour Ironman LDR Challenge™ (Meals of Honor)!

Edited Sunday, May 13, 2018

What many LDR Motorcyclists and ADV Bikers have been waiting the open registration of the Attorney That Rides’ 30-Hour Ironman LDR Challenge. This is a long distance endurance motorcycle challenge where the challengers are offered a map of points of interest (POI) to visit, while safely riding their motorcycles in the Sunshine State of Florida, and its neighboring states, earning points for each stop. Each POI is valued different according to its distance, time availability, or uniqueness. The goal of the challenge is to strategically obtain as many POI points as possible and returning to the City of Plantation, Florida with a gas receipt dated 1:00 PM or earlier.

Fort Lauderdale Attorney
Gabe during the Ironman LDR Rider’s meeting prepping the challengers and answering questions

2018 LDR Tire Review From the MC Internet Tech Nerds!

2018 LDR Tire Review From the MC Internet Tech Nerds!

Fort Lauderdale, Florida
By Gabe Carrera, Esq.

Here we are in 2018 wondering if the tire companies have invented the tire of our LDR (LOng Distance Run) dream romancing our wallets to spend the extra dollar for the extra miles. You buddies have muddied the waters opining their ego opinions with what tire they recommend YOU should buy. With doubt in mind your friendly Attorney That RIDES has his the net looking for information regarding the best tire for 2018. Not trying to reinvent the wheel (pun intended) I copied and pasted the result in this article for you to watch and choose. You ride so you decide and let me know your thoughts on what is the best tire in your head!

This annoying tech geek gets the job done in relaying what tire really works for 2017. I dont think there is diff in between years but it gives you a reference point from last year.

May Is Motorcycle is Motorcycle Awareness Month, But Do The CAGER’s Know This?

Motorcycle Accident Attorney Florida

May Is Motorcycle is Motorcycle Awareness Month But Do The CAGER’s Know This?
Fort Lauderdale, FL
By  Gabe Carrera, Esq.

May is a month set aside by who knows who making idiots aware that they  stop maiming and killing motorcyclist. It’s not a hard thing to do all they have to do is stop placing their make-up on during early morning rush hour or keeping their eyes off the cell and place it on what’s happening in front of them.  Now that more bikers are coming out of that permafrost thaw and warming up their iron horses -heading into the freedom of the wind, more and more are in ill fate’s bull’s eye. How can you help? Glad ya asked…….share this article on your social media and then continue reading below!

The New Jack Daniel’s Scout Bobber By Indian Motorcycle

Jack Daniel's Scout Bobber

“You’re going to want to wear shoes that can get muddy.” That’s what Brian Klock of Klock Werks Kustom Cycles told me as we wrapped up breakfast in the lobby of the Holiday Inn Express in Tullahoma, Tennessee. That’s what signaled me to lace up my Chucks rather than my nice, leather Alpinestars riding shoes.

I’m glad Brian gave me that tip because we had a rainy, muddy day ahead of us in Lynchburg. Having grown up in Brillion, Wisconsin with a population of 3,000, I thought I knew small town living. Then I went to Lynchburg, population: “about 700” according to the locals. Despite being such a small town in the middle of nowhere, Tennessee, there’s a good chance you’ve heard of it and there might even be a label or a t-shirt in your house that says “Lynchburg” on it.

Harley-Davidson And The New Steel Tariff


Harley-Davidson Inc. has responded to the European Union’s threat to impose tariffs on Harley motorcycles, saying it could have a significant impact on sales and customers.

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker has identified Harley-Davidson bikes and Levi jeans as targets for “countermeasures” the EU has been preparing in retaliation for President Donald Trump’s plan to place tariffs on foreign steel and aluminum.

Trump has said he would impose a 25% tariff on steel imports and a 10% tariff on aluminum imports, a move welcomed by the U.S. steel industry but opposed by manufacturers of many products that have a high metal content.

Roughly 16% of Harley-Davidson’s sales are to Europe.

In a statement, Harley now says, “Import tariffs on steel and aluminum will drive up costs for all products made with these raw materials, regardless of their origin. Additionally, a punitive, retaliatory tariff on Harley-Davidson motorcycles in any market would have a significant impact on our sales, our dealers, their suppliers and our customers in those markets.”

Harley-Davidson Inc. has responded to the European Union’s threat to impose tariffs on Harley motorcycles, saying it could have a significant impact on sales and customers.

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker has identified Harley-Davidson bikes and Levi jeans as targets for “countermeasures” the EU has been preparing in retaliation for President Donald Trump’s plan to place tariffs on foreign steel and aluminum.

Trump has said he would impose a 25% tariff on steel imports and a 10% tariff on aluminum imports, a move welcomed by the U.S. steel industry but opposed by manufacturers of many products that have a high metal content.

Roughly 16% of Harley-Davidson’s sales are to Europe.

In a statement, Harley now says, “Import tariffs on steel and aluminum will drive up costs for all products made with these raw materials, regardless of their origin. Additionally, a punitive, retaliatory tariff on Harley-Davidson motorcycles in any market would have a significant impact on our sales, our dealers, their suppliers and our customers in those markets.”


This wouldn’t be the first time that Milwaukee-based Harley-Davidson, the world’s largest manufacturer of heavyweight motorcycles, has faced tariffs in trade disputes. The EU threatened tariffs on its bikes in 2003 when President George W. Bush sought taxes on imported steel.

In India, where big touring motorcycles and cars are saddled with a 100% import tariff, Harley’s sales have grown at a rapid clip.

That’s largely because the company has been able to get around the tariff by assembling bikes there, something it’s done in that country since 2011.

Harley-Davidson plans to open a motorcycle assembly plant in Thailand this year, as the tariff on motorcycles assembled in the United States is about 60% in Thailand, according to the company.


Harley is recognized in Japan as an American icon, but it hasn’t always been easy to sell heavyweight motorcycles there, either.

Years ago, Japanese motorcyclists were required to pass a special exam if they wanted to ride large touring bikes such as Harleys. One of the tests was to ride across a balance beam. Only about 2% of riders passed the test.

In 2005, Japan repealed a law that prohibited motorcyclists from carrying a passenger on major highways. That helped boost Harley-Davidson sales.

In the United States, motorcycle manufacturers are now caught between two customer demographic trends: millennials who aren’t widely embracing the motorcycling lifestyle, and baby boomers who are aging out of riding.

Harley’s 2018 performance will be key for investors as, at the beginning of 2017, management projected a sluggish outlook and then revised it downward.

The company said it expects to ship between 231,000 and 236,000 motorcycles to dealerships this year after shipping 241,498 in 2017, the lowest in six years.

Elsewhere in Wisconsin, Gov. Scott Walker said Tuesday that Trump’s proposed tariffs are an “existential threat” for companies such as plastics-maker Bemis Corp.

The proposed tariffs on imports could squeeze Neenah-based Bemis, which relies on ultra-thin aluminum for packaging it makes at its sprawling industrial products plant on Oshkosh’s west end, Walker said during a tour of the company.

Walker toured Bemis and food processor Seneca Foods in Janesville Tuesday as part of his rare public break with Republicans on trade policy. Bemis employs 5,000 workers in Wisconsin, while Seneca has 1,200 employees across nine plants.

“Bemis and Janesville are two very specific examples of companies here in the state of Wisconsin that can be negatively affected (by the tariffs),” Walker said. “You have really an existential threat to businesses in the United States.”

Walker said he told U.S. Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross in July that he was concerned a tariff on aluminum could adversely affect companies like Bemis. Walker said he felt Ross was receptive to those fears, which made Trump’s announcement last week surprising.

Trump said he is moving ahead with tariffs on imported aluminum and steel despite calls from House Speaker Paul Ryan to avoid creating what Ryan called an unnecessary trade war.


In 2014 Harley-Davidson had a select group of riders test ride their handmade non-production electric motorcycle named Live Wire at Harley-Davidson Museum bike night. Brenda Kuhl of Beaver Dam shared her opinion.


READ MORE: https://www.jsonline.com/story/money/2018/03/06/harley-davidson-responds-threat-european-union-tariffs-harley-bikes/398246002/

Keanu Reeves Gives Wired A Tour Of Arch Motorcycle

Keanu Reeves gives Wired a tour of Arch Motorcycle, where he and co-founder Gard Hollinger build and design totally custom bikes with the help of virtual reality. Donning the HTC Vive, Keanu has the ability to look at prototypes of his bikes standing next to each other without actually building them.

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Inside Keanu Reeves’ Custom Motorcycle Shop | WIRED

This Years Bike Week Is Going To Be Dyna-mite

bike week

The Official Motorcycle of Bike Week 2018 is Finally Here


1477 TICKETS SOLD AS OF 3/03/2018

American Iron Magazine and Chaos Cycle Present the Official Bike of 2018 Daytona Bike Week, a completely customized 2010 Harley-Davidson Super Glide.

This year marks the 77th anniversary of Daytona Bike Week, which means there is another opportunity for one lucky rider to win a custom Harley-Davidson, bought, built, and presented by American Iron Magazine. The Daytona Chamber of Commerce once again approached AIM to build and promote the official Harley-Davidson of Bike Week, hoping to continue the success of 2017’s fully customized 2010 Ultra built by Street Stuff in Norwich, Connecticut. This year,American Iron partnered with Chaos Cycle, owned and operated by George Sinsman in Long Island, New York, and the results are nothing short of tremendous.

 You do not need to be present to win.

bike week

Having gone with a bagger last year, AIM decided to pare down the look of this year’s offering, with an eye toward current trends in the industry. Editor Steve Lita got his hands on a 2010 Harley-Davidson Dyna Super Glide. Chaos Cycle’s George wanted to deliver the “New York Hardcore” treatment by giving the stock Super Glide a street tracker makeover, and he transformed it into a bike meant to be ridden fast and hard. His work is a bona fide success.


The motorcycle that arrived in the Chaos Cycle shop is hardly recognizable, and that’s thanks in large part to all the vendors and companies that provided parts for this stunning street tracker. The list of new products includes: a new Magnaflow 2-into-1 exhaust, Vance & Hines Fuelpak, Memphis Shades front cowl, Joker Machine air cleaner and mirrors, Saddlemen Eliminator tail section, RacingBros Hard-drive piggyback rear shocks, EBC brake rotors, a Twin Power chain conversion kit, Ridewright spoked wheels, Metzeler ME888 tires, Roland Sands hand levers, BikeMaster LED headlight, and Acewell Gauges courtesy of Dime City Cycles. George didn’t stop there, as he enhanced the suspension performance with an inverted front end from a GSX-R750. He also included a set of Chaos Cycle’s own triple trees, machined by Revolution Performance.


bike week




Read More: http://officialbikeweek.com/content/Enter-to-Win-the-Official-Bike-Week-Motorcycle/

Mama Tried Event Coverage 2018

Mama Tried Event Coverage 2018

Mama Tried Event Coverage 2018 covers all the builders, racers, riders, fans and all those that dig Freedom Machines converged in Milwaukee this weekend for Mama Tried Show 2018.

Indoor flat track racing on a soda syrup soaked concrete track? (Flat Out Friday) ✓ Check. Winter weather so nice you could ride to Mama Tried Motorcycle Show? ✓ Check. Hot laps on a frozen lake? (Slippery Sunday).

Harley Davidson holds Mama Tried Motorcycle Show.


Check out Last Years Show coverage here!

Indian’s Motorcycles Go Up In Flames On I-10

Indian's Motorcycles Go Up In Flames On I-10

Indian’s Motorcycles Go Up In Flames On I-10

Madison County Fire Rescue says a tractor-trailer hauling at least a dozen of Indian’s Motorcycles Go Up In Flames On I-10 on Thursday.

MCFR says it happened just after 11 a.m. near mile marker 262 in Madison County.

Officials say it started when the trailer experienced a tire blowout and the driver attempted to make it to the next exit before stopping. Another driver reportedly flagged down the driver upon seeing flames coming from the trailer.

The Florida Highway Patrol and MCFR responded to the scene.

No injuries were reported on I-10.


Read More: http://www.wctv.tv/content/news/Truck-hauling-motorcycles-catches-fire-474861643.html

Kick Off Daytona Bike Week With Rinehart Racing

Rinehart Racing

Rinehart Racing® is preparing to make their presence heard at the 77th Bike Week in Daytona Beach, Florida. Rinehart Racing will be in the midst of the action all week long to equip riders with American pipes for their American bikes.

Rinehart Racing’s Bike Week headquarters will be at Bruce Rossmeyer’s Destination Daytona®, where the Rinehart rig will be setup and open for business from March 7th through March 18th. Harley-Davidson® and Indian® riders are invited to visit the Rinehart rig and experience the legendary Rinehart Racing sound firsthand.

Rinehart Racing 3

“Choosing an aftermarket exhaust for your bike is a very personal process,” explains Rinehart Racing Owner & CEO, Judd Hollifield. “Upgrading to a full system or even a new set of slip-ons will change the appearance, the sound, and even the feel of your motorcycle. It’s something that we take very seriously, and it’s why we see so many riders make the decision after getting the opportunity to see and hear our exhausts in person.”

Rinehart Racing will have a full lineup of exhaust solutions on hand for riders to check out, from slip-ons all the way up to full systems. Riders that need a little guidance can talk to product specialists, who can help explain the differences between each option and what to expect when equipped on their bike. A few new products will be on display, including Rinehart’s famous 2-into-1 full systems for newer 2017-2018 Harley-Davidson Touring models. The new MotoPro 45 Classic End Caps offer a fully blacked out option for the 4.5” MotoPro 45 Slip-On Exhausts.

Rinehart Racing 2


Riders who already run Rinehart pipes can browse exhaust accessories like air cleaners and Hi-Flo baffles, or can change up the appearance of their setup with a new set of end caps. All purchases at the event come with complimentary installation while you wait, so you can get back on the road to enjoy the rumble of your new exhaust system. Just take a seat in Rinehart’s hospitality area, enjoy a hot dog and a cold drink, and get off your feet for a while.

Learn more about Rinehart Racing’s full line of exhaust solutions for Harley-Davidson and Indian Motorcycles at www.RinehartRacing.com, and join the Rinehart family on Facebook, Instagram andTwitter.


Read More: https://motorsportsnewswire.com/2018/03/01/kick-off-daytona-bike-week-rinehart-racing/

The Daniels Headbutt That Shocked The Whole Biker Community

The Ever Famous Daniels Headbutt



This is the complete Daniels headbutt video without edits and music with added bonus at the end.






I’m very lucky to be alive. I slid through a tiny gap between the trucks rear tires and the trailer stand. If was going any slower or faster, I wouldn’t of been so fortunate. The only injuries I got was a very small amount of road rash on my knee and hip.. Nothing broken. I’m very blessed in this instance of BIKER VS SEMI TRUCK.
How did I get the wobbles? NO I DIDN’T WHEELIE. I was merging onto the freeway, checking traffic while I ventured over to the carpool lane. When I got next to the carpool lane, I check if it was clear again, then merged in while quickly accelerating in first gear. When I got up to enough speed to pass traffic (Traffic was doing 75-80 MPH) I changed into second gear (where the clip starts). First mistake I made was having my weight WAY too far back on the bike while accelerating, that mixed with the extremely bumpy freeway and the acceleration of the bike caused the front wheel to go extremely light. Thus causing the violent speed wobbles.


A Deep Dive into the 2018 Harley-Davidson Lineup

Looking across a vast display of motorcycles and platinum blonde women asking leather-clad show-goers if they want to enter a raffle to win a $500 gift card, I found Harley-Davidson product portfolio manager Jeff Strunk at H-D’s booth at the IMS Chicago motorcycle show. We had a good, long talk about the 2018 Harley-Davidson Lineup , where the brand is headed, and if it’s really following through on that hot gossip about an electric motorcycle in the next 18 months.

Harley-Davidson is starting 2018 in a bit of a rough spot. H-D saw an 8.5 percent drop in U.S. sales in 2017 and a 6.7 percent sales decline worldwide. The brand had its lowest number of shipments in six years last year, and while Harley-Davidson expects sales to dip this year, the company has a long-term turnaround plan to attract new riders and much of that plan is rooted in the products it sells.

Being a product guy, what Jeff Strunk really wanted to talk about was the bikes. That was fine with me because I really wanted to hear about them from a guy who knows everything about them.


First, we talked about the Harley-Davidson Street lineup of small-medium sized liquid-cooled bikes that are, for some reason, often overlooked.

“In the last 12 months we’ve come out with new bikes like the Street Rod,” said Strunk. The Street Rod is at the top of the Street lineup sharing a frame and fuel tank with the Street 750 with several performance and appearance upgrades. It has a cafe racer vibe thanks to repositioned ergonomics, a cafe-shaped seat with a rear cowl, and a small front fairing. Performance upgrades include a bigger airbox, a revised 60-degree Revolution X V-Twin engine producing 8 percent more torque and 18 percent more power, and a 9,000 rpm redline.



“The Street Rod builds on the Harley-Davidson Street platform. We really took it to the furthest extents developing a motorcycle for somebody who lives mostly in an urban environment,” said Strunk. “This is something they can get around on every day, but can also venture out of the city on a weekend and carve up some corners. This is a bike that really meets both of those needs from lane-splitting on a Monday to hairpin turns on a Saturday.”

We also discussed the entry-level Street 500 which Strunk says is a great starter bike. “The Street 500 has been around for several years now,” said Strunk. “It has a nice, neutral riding position. We use that for our riding academy courses. It’s a bike you can learn on and you can also sit on one on the showroom floor and put one in your garage.”


Last August, Harley-Davidson pulled the wraps off a fully revamped Softail lineup. It consists of nine all-new models, each with its own purpose and personality. Strunk walked me through some of the featured models and gave me the rundown on what makes each one distinct.

“We’ve launched nine new models since August,” said Strunk. “An all-new chassis, 90 percent stiffer than the previous Dyna chassis. It uses a rear monoshock with preload adjustment that on some models is exposed for quick adjustment and on the more classic models we keep it under the seat for more of a vintage look.”

At this point, we walked over to one of the standout models in the Harley-Davidson lineup, the Street Bob, which is the most affordable Softail. “The first model in the lineup that gets most people’s attention is the Street Bob,” said Strunk. “The Street Bob has been around for a long time, but with the new improvements in the Softail lineup, this is a bike that has that retro cool, but performs in a modern sense. This is a great example of blending classic stripped-down looks and enabling modern technology.”

It’s worth noting that the Street Bob was once a beloved member of the Dyna family of Harley-Davidson. The all-new Softail lineup saw the merging of the Dyna and Softail lines which was met with some predictable criticism from purists who miss the “rubber soul” of the Dyna.

“The thing that always makes me proud about working for Harley-Davidson is I can’t think of any other product I could be associated with where the owners are so passionate,” said Strunk when I asked how strong the resistance has been to the elimination of the Dyna. “We knew that with a change like that there was going to have an opinion. What I’ve noticed is that after folks ride them they say ‘Oh, this is wonderful,’ and the name change is less of a concern after they actually put some miles on. These bikes are just far and away on a whole different level from the previous models.”

Next, we walked over to what might be my personal favorite new addition to the Softail line, the Sport Glide. “The great thing about this is, again, all of the wonderful technology of the new Softail chassis is used like dual-bending valve technology in the inverted front fork,” said Strunk of the Sport Glide. “Two out of the nine models, the Fat Bob and the Sport Glide, use the cartridge-style inverted front fork. The rest of the models use a traditional front fork, but uses the SHOWA dual-bending valve which we first debuted on the touring models the year before.” The Sport Glide has a sport-touring vibe from the factory, but that can easily be modified. “You can easily strip it down,” said Strunk. “The fairing is quick-detachable, no tools required. Same thing with the saddlebags.”

The most characteristic and perhaps the most controversial of the new Softail bikes is the new Fat Bob. “The Fat Bob has probably gotten the most attention out of all of them,” said Strunk. This is one of the four new Softails available with either a Milwaukee Eight 107 or the bigger 114, the Heritage Classic, Breakout, and Fat Boy being the other three.



“Some of the cool features of this bike, one of the trademark features of the Fat Bob is a big, beefy front tire. It has a 16-inch front wheel with a nice, wide front tire. It can shrug off anything the road throws at it. Great lean angle, the stiffness of that chassis really makes it a great-handling bike,” said Strunk. “This has kind of an aggressive-looking riding position, but it’s also very comfortable. This a tapered aluminum drag bar nested in an all-new riser designed specifically for the Fat Bob. Again, blacked out finishes with subtle hints of chrome just highlighting some of the characteristics of the powertrain. The signature of this, and totally unique to the Fat Bob, is the LED headlamp. I have this exact bike and I absolutely love it.”

The Fat Bob got us talking about different riding positions available throughout the Softail lineup. “There are three control positions across the Softail range,” said Strunk. “There’s mid which you’ll find on the Street Bob and the Low Rider. Then there’s forward, which is really more of a mid-forward. They’re not as far forward as a traditional stretched out forward control. Then there are floorboards on the Deluxe, Heritage, Fat Boy, and Slim.”

“This one is a little more classically styled,” said Strunk as we looked at a Low Rider. “A little more use of chrome. The tank and the graphics are definitely a throwback to the custom cruiser era of the 1970s. This is definitely on point right now with an emerging custom trend.”

Next, we looked at a Softail Slim which is in the sweet spot for a Softail that’s classically styled but delivers strong performance partially thanks to meaty tires. It’s also the most affordable Harley you can get with floorboards. “It’s very popular for its retro look,” said Strunk. “A combination of black and polished finishes, a low seat height makes it very accessible and confidence inspiring for new riders and riders of all sizes and shapes. We’re very cognizant of trying to make the bikes fit the widest range of riders. Where we hit a limit, the accessories department always comes in to help with the seat that might get you a bit closer or more stretched out more, changes to handlebars, changes to the suspension. We can accommodate just about anyone who wants to ride and make them comfortable.” The Slim is a blank slate when it comes to customization.



Next, we walked over to a Softail Deluxe. If an alien came to Earth and asked me what a Harley-Davidson is, this is the bike I would show them. “This is the only new model in the Softail lineup to feature classic wide whitewall tires. It has chrome-laced wheels, a little bit of use of chrome for a more heritage, classic look,” said Strunk. “Exclusive to the Deluxe is all-LED lighting all the way around. We’ve got a very retro tombstone tail lamp, but it’s 100 percent LED as well an art deco style turn signal stalk which again, LED really enabled us to get the shape that we wanted. There’s a similar treatment up front with combination turn signal and passing lamp bar. This is definitely for the rider looking for a very classic Harley-Davidson look.” This model, maybe more than any other new Softail, is much more striking in person than it comes across in pictures. You can really see the attention to detail in things like the thoughtfully styled lighting that you might not notice otherwise. It’s definitely on the retro side of the retro-modern ethos.


The Harley-Davidson touring lineup is mostly unchanged for 2018, but there are a couple changes. “The trend to black has been stronger and stronger every year,” said Strunk as we looked at some touring bikes with a noticeable lack of chrome. “We’re excited to have launched the Street Glide Special, the Road Glide Special, and the Road King Special this past year. These bikes take that great American touring custom look and make it contemporary with blacked out front forks, blacked out engine guard and engine treatments, blacked out exhaust, and stretched saddlebags. Black is very much the popular norm right now. You’ll see more and more of that in our lineup.”


Moving on to the Sportster lineup, the name of the game is attitude and customizability. Granted, those two characteristics are sort of the theme of the whole Harley-Davidson brand, but it’s really pushing the custom Sportster scene for 2018. And it’s doing a pretty good job by having this gorgeously customized 2018 XL883N Iron 883 on display. Among its many mods which you can get straight from H-D are a cafe solo seat, a satin black clubman handlebar, a compact sport wind deflector, a front spoiler, and a red brake caliper kit. Factory mods from Screamin’ Eagle include a round high-flow air cleaner kit and jet black street cannon mufflers. Being Screamin’ Eagle, they upgrade both the performance and the aesthetic of this Sportster.



But the real story with this custom Sporty is the brass accents. Yes, real brass straight from the factory. The fuel cap, foot controls, front axle nut covers, engine trim, and hand grips are all brass. The brass on the grips have been worn down just from people grabbing them and they’re nice and shiny and worn in the coolest way. “It’s only a handful of pieces, but it definitely helps the rider set their bike apart from anything else,” said Strunk. It’s a great look and I’m anxious to see if this trend grows throughout the industry.


Moving up through the Sportster lineup, we walked over to a 1200 Custom which has the lowest cost of entry into the Evolution 1200 engine. “The 1200 Custom was traditionally a very chrome-styled custom. In this case, we’ve taken it a little bit darker,” said Strunk. “It’s a combination of black and chrome. It’s got a great new paint scheme on the 4.5-gallon fuel tank with a racing stripe inspired theme available in a number of different color combinations. It has mid controls and a fairly neutral handlebar position. This bike has traditionally been one that a lot of riders looking to customize will start with and change the bars or change the seat and make it very much their own.”



Just for kicks, I asked if some variation of the Milwaukee Eight engine was in the Sportster’s future. “I can’t say at this point, but there’s definitely a lot of love for the Evo Sportster powertrain,” said Strunk.

We moved on to the Sportster Roadster which came out in 2016. “Taller suspension in the back gives it a little more of a sporting feel in terms of lean angle,” said Strunk. “The handlebars are positioned a little bit downward so the rider is a little bit tucked in a tight position. This one is just a lot of fun to rip around on.”


Next, we discussed Harley’s range-topping CVO models. CVO stands for Custom Vehicle Operations and they’re heavily decked-out versions of existing Harley-Davidson models. “For the 2018 model year, our CVOs received an even bigger set of options than before. At the heart of it is the all-new 117 ci Milwaukee Eight. One of the most notable colors this year is Gunship Grey,” which is gorgeous in person. “CVO is the pinnacle in terms of features and exclusivity. The lineup this year includes the Street Glide, the Road Glide, and the Limited. Three different CVO models with three different finishes each.”


A recurring theme Strunk brought up while we discussed the 2018 Harley-Davidson lineup is blending classic, genuine Harley styling, and character with modern technology and engineering. This is a trend that’s been going on in the industry for a few years now with some brands having more success than others with mixing the old with the new. Harley deserves credit for bringing that ethos to its lineup which, quite frankly, wasn’t aging so well until recently. The Milwaukee brand fell behind on innovation and it’s picking up the slack in a way that’s very characteristic of the brand. Harley has gotten back up every time it’s been down over the past 115 years.


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