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5 Pro Tips For Your Motorcycle Tires

Your Motorcycle Tires

5 Pro Tips For Your Motorcycle Tires

Here are the best practiced 5 Pro Tips For Your Motorcycle Tires so that you can keep riding

safe on the road and keep the wind in your hair.


1-Air pressure: Your motorcycle tires should be inactive for at least three hours before attempting

to gain an accurate reading from a pressure gauge to check the tire’s pressure levels.

2-Tread: Rule of thumb to determine if your motorcycle tire ’s tread is too worn, simply take a

penny and insert it heads-down into the tread of the tire. If Lincoln’s head is visible, it’s time for

a new tire.  Some of you guys wait until the threads are visible……that is not good.

3-Wear and tear: Inspect for bumps, bruises or other visible damage to the tires that could

impact driving performance and tire pressure levels.

4-Tire alignment: Check wheel alignment during annual inspections or for every 12,000 miles

driven. Make sure your chain or belt is up the specs.

5-Spare tire: Make sure you have a spare tire and know its condition prior to getting on the road.

Some people travel with one others don’t.


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