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What You Dont Know Can Hurt You In Florida Unless You Do This!


What You Dont Know Can Hurt You In Florida Unless Your Informed!

Florida has all-year riding weather attracting motorcycle tourism from all over the globe. Many read advice from websites that are not 100{6afdcdf14f1f3d0d6d046bdd6bb6844d1d6f78a435ef85ae323b1d28ccc5d3f7} accurate and when the police pull you and your bike over its too late to web surf. Know your rights beforehand and ride smart. I have collected a few videos to help you while you are in Florida.

Motorcycle Helmets Are Mandatory In Florida Unless You Do This (2020)

Did You know that Motorcycle Helmets Are Mandatory In Florida Unless You Do….. well watch the video! Section 316.211 of the Florida Statutes requires the rider and passenger on a motorcycle to wear a DOT approved helmet UNLESS the purchase medical insurance coverage on the motorcycle for a minimum of $10,000 medical payment coverage. You thought this was a lid free state BUT freedom is NOT free…….it comes with statutory strings and conditions. If your under 21-years old ITS MANDATORY YOU WEAR A HELMET. Florida assumes your brain has not matured to make an informed decision so they want your noggin protected until your grey matter fully develops 🙂

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2019-2020 Mandatory Liability Insurance Coverage For Florida Registered Motorcycles

Did you know that “Mandatory Liability Insurance Coverage For Florida Registered Motorcycle 2019” is required??? Florida motorcycle insurance requirements are based upon the financial responsibility of the owner against liability. The motorcycle owner is not required to carry insurance to register a motorcycle. However, the rider is held financially responsible if charged in a motorcycle crash. A motorcycle owner has three financial responsibility options to choose from.

Purchase liability insurance for a licensed Florida insurance carrier. This would be the most common way of gaining coverage. Secure a Financial Responsibility Certificate. This requires posting a surety bond with a state licensed company and depositing cash or securities with the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV) Obtain a Self-Insurance Certificate from the Bureau of Financial Responsibility after providing evidence of a net encumbered capital.

Motorcycle owners who cannot provide proof of insurance may have to deal with penalties, such as suspension of driver’s licenses, motorcycle registration, and motorcycle license plates, as well as fees to regain driving privileges. For additional information about motorcycle insurance in Florida you can contact DHSMV at (850) 617-2000.

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Florida Paternity Court Litigation: Parental Rights of Child Born Out of Wedlock in 2020

Well if your going to be promiscuous then you need to know a little about the paternity laws. Just enough information here to make ya dangerous. Picking up a stranger in a bar can have its consequences if you dont practice safe sex.

Many consultations I have given pertaining to the question of “Parental Rights of Child Born Out of Wedlock in Florida Paternity Court Litigation.” How Paternity is Established/ In Florida, when a mother is married and gives birth, the law assumes the child’s daddy is the mother’s husband; but when the mama is unmarried at the time of the child’s birth, paternity must be established, either voluntarily or by the determination of the Court through a court order. Paternity Action: The Florida Statutes allows a parent to file a petition for the establishment of paternity with the Florida Courts.

The first step is to file a petition with the courts and have the other parent served with process to get the Court’s attention to move the case forward procedural. Once sufficient evidence is presented the Court will issue an order establishing paternity indicating that parent is the biological parent. After the order is signed by the judge that non-custodial parent can file a motion to establish a parenting plan that will address time sharing, parental responsibility, sharing the child tax credit, vacations, and much more.

If paternity has previously been established by law or otherwise, Florida law also now provides a method by which a man may dis-establish paternity or terminate a child his support obligation if he learns the child is not his. You may still be able to obtain a paternity test even if paternity has previously been established. Establishing a proper parenting plan and child support obligation for children whose parents never married is extremely important to the well being of your children.

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2019 30 Hour Ironman LDR South Florida Motorcycle Rally Benefiting U.S. Military Veterans

#ironmanLDR #JustCallGabe #Motorcycles The 2019 30 Hour Ironman LDR South Florida Rally Iron Butt Style Benefiting SoFL Veterans is now registering bikers especially female riders. This Long Distance Endurance Motorcycle rally is to raise Thanksgiving funds to provide a fully cooked dinner for our elderly veterans and to the families of those who are deployed overseas serving actively in the U.S. Military overseas. For more information please go to: http://www.attorneythatrides.com/sout…

For the Rally Rules go to: http://www.attorneythatrides.com/iron… if you are seriously interested in this LDR (Long Distance Endurance Riding) rally I encourage you to book your hotel rooms or campsites NOW! ​This is a long distance endurance motorcycle Rally where the challengers are offered a map of “points of interest” (POI’s) to visit while safely riding their motorcycles in the Sunshine State of Florida and surrounding states.

Each POI is valued different according to its distance, time availability, or uniqueness. The goal of the challenge is to strategically obtain as many POI points as possible and returning to the American Legion Post 180 with a gas receipt dated 1:00 PM or earlier from the gas station across the street. There will be trophies awarded for different category winners that include, but not limited to, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place, most miles, and least miles among the few.

The trophies shall be awarded at the American Legion Meals of Honor harvest festival!