Harley Adventure Riders: Dempster Highway to Tuktoyaktuk Canada

ADV Harley Riders

Harley Adventure Riders: Dempster Highway to Tuktoyaktuk Canada Written By Gabe Carrera “aka” Attorney That RIDES! Last Updated on May 20, 2018 – 10:07 PM (Note to reader: There are many links that take you to YouTube […]

Registration Opens For the 30-Hour Ironman LDR Challenge (Meals of Honor)!

Long Distance Endurance Rallys

Registration Opens For the ATTORNEY THAT RIDES’ 30-Hour Ironman LDR Challenge™ (Meals of Honor)! Edited Sunday, May 13, 2018 What many LDR Motorcyclists and ADV Bikers have been waiting the open registration of the Attorney That […]

May Is Motorcycle is Motorcycle Awareness Month, But Do The CAGER’s Know This?

Motorcycle Accident Attorney Florida

May Is Motorcycle is Motorcycle Awareness Month But Do The CAGER’s Know This? Fort Lauderdale, FL By  Gabe Carrera, Esq. May is a month set aside by who knows who making idiots aware that they  […]

The Ultimate Roster So Far : The Ironman LDR Challengers

ironman ldr challengers

With the Coral Head Musicfest 30-Hr Ironman LDR rapidly approaching, we are glad to announce the 1st batch of LDR Riders that have completed the process of  applying and have submitted their donation entrance fee. […]

Rider Solutions From The Attorney That Rides: FOGGING HELMET VISOR

fogging helmet visor

One Long Distance Rider’s Solution to the Fogging Helmet Visor! By Gabe Carrera, aka the Attorney That Rides   One of the quickest way to stop your long-distance trip is a FOGGING HELMET VISOR. If […]



1. What are the dates for the rally? The 1st Annual 30-HR Ironman LDR Challenge’s “KSU” (kick-stand-up), is Saturday, February 17, 2018 @ 8 AM; and finishes on Sunday, February 18, 2018, at 1:00 PM. […]

Open Registration For the 1st Annual 30-Hour Ironman LDR Feb 17-18, 2018 (Marathon, Florida)

30-Hour Ironman

  Open Registration For the 1st Annual 30-Hour Ironman LDR Feb 17-18, 2018 (Marathon, Florida) It seemed that competitive long distance motorcycle rallies have been drying up in the state of Florida due to liability […]

Attorney That Rides: The Motorcycle Injury Attorney

Motorcycle Injury Attorney

As a Motorcycle Injury Attorney I know that if you or a loved one has been injured in a south florida vehicle accident, you may be left with lasting pain and injuries. When a driver causes […]


Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge

TSAATU NATSU … GOOD MEDICINE Attorney That RIDES: Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge 2018!                           OK…..I was trolling the Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge site and […]

Attorney That Rides: Unexpected Mechanical Failures Compilation

Mechanical Failures

Unexpected Mechanical Failures   There have been many attorneys in the world that hold a passion for riding, in retrospect there have been many motorcycle owners that have become lawyers but never one like Gabriel […]

The Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge Rider Gabe Carrera

Your Motorcycle Tires

Gabe Carrera aka The Attorney That Rides # 804 got the bug for long distance riding from Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenger # 168 Jeff Kohn. He feels if he had never ridden the challenge he […]

The Iron Butt Association Needs More Videos Like This One: Plane Crazy 1000

gabe carrera attorney that rides plane crazy 1000

Over the past few years we have seen a few Iron Butt Association runs posted. But in that time, never have we seen anything like this Plane Crazy 1000 video. Gabe Carrera aka the Attorney That […]

The Attorney That Rides 10th Year Celebration Party

attorney that rides 10th year party

Attorney Gabriel Jose Carrera, aka the Attorney That Rides, is throwing an appreciation party. He is  personally inviting you to the attorney that rides 10th year anniversary party to be held at the Der Krieger’s MC Clubhouse […]