Home News State Troopers Make Arrest On Motorcyclist Dragged Case

State Troopers Make Arrest On Motorcyclist Dragged Case

State Troopers Make Arrest On Motorcyclist Dragged Case

“Troopers collected vehicle debris, witness statements, and with assistance from Creole

PD looking through the nearby area, were able to locate the vehicle and interview the

driver,” said ALEA Captain John Malone.  “Other charges may be pending as the

investigation continues.”  Family members identified the victim of this crash as

44-year-old Ashley Sanderson from Saraland.  Sanderson’s wife Victoria said they

were told the suspect tried to hide his car with a tarp.  Mrs. Sanderson said her

husband continues to recuperate at USA Medical Center and is dealing with

broken bones and road rash.  While he is in a lot of pain, she said her husband

should eventually recover and is being kept in the hospital to avoid infection.



The victim was traveling a few minutes ahead of his wife and family heading to their

hunting camp in Jackson.  Victoria Sanderson said she saw her husband’s shoes on

the road and knew something was wrong.


“It just kept going through my head, God not now, please don’t take him from me now.

At that point I didn’t know until I got to him whether he was alive or dead,” said Victoria

Sanderson in a phone call from USA Medical Center.  Even though the bike was dragged

for nearly two miles, the victim was conscious and alert at the scene.


“Some call it luck, I call it God’s Grace you know, I think it’s both, I think he’s very lucky

and the Lord just reached down and wrapped him up,” said Victoria Sanderson.




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