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America’s Ultimate Long Distance Rider

Long Distance Rider

Would you like to know where you rank as a Long Distance Rider in the riding community?

Would you like a fun way to challenge yourself as a Long Distance Rider?

How about just another reason to ride to places you haven’t been to, or some extra motivation to do those extra miles?

This group will award you points for every ride you do. Its a lifestyle not just one weekend or one week a year event.

The friendly contest runs the calendar year.


Heres how it works. There will be points awarded for various challenges and mileage.
There will be two divisions
Over 15,000 miles under 15,000 miles.
The goal here is to have as many ways to get points as possible.
It is based largely on the honor system as well as joining a free social riding App REVER.
Once you join the App you friend request others from this group on the App,

this allows everyone to see each others rides and is also a way to check on each others Stats.
At years end we will award Americas Ultimate Long Distance Rider as well as rank everyone in the group!
Rides and Points

Earn 1 point for each of the following:

Each State
Each of the 4 corners
Any National Park,Forest,Cemetery,or National Monument.
Any Military Monument or Memorial – (Max 5 per state)
59 National Parks
25 National Military Parks( 9 Military Parks,11 Battlefields, 1 Battlefield site)
154 National Forest
147 National Cemeteries
and 117 National Monuments
Please research Wikipedia for complete list.



Read More: https://www.facebook.com/groups/ultimatelongdistancerider/?fref=mentions&pnref=story