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“Tsaatu-Natsu” Good Medicine: The Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge #7 July 2018

Hoka Hey tsaatu-natsu 2018

The Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge has revealed their seventh installment called, “TSAATU-NATSU”.

The HHMC has held six epic long distance motorcycle journeys, challenges & a memorial to our fellow fallen warriors. This is a trip that riders will not be disappointed with. They will be faced with yet another epic voyage coming this July 13th – 28th of 2018.

Gather up your courage, Join the Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge “Tsaatu-Natsu” on this 10,000 Mile Endurance Challenge. It is GUARANTEED to change your life.

If you never try then you’ll never know…  Hoka Hey!

TSAATU-NATSU is the Comanche way of expressing “Good Medicine”. The organizers of the Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge have chosen “Good Medicine” as theme of the 2018 Challenge. They know the experience of long distance riding gives participants time to think; often restoring beliefs and perspectives.


The Hoka Hey Motorcyclale Challenge is journey within that begins on JULY 15, 2018. It starts at Medicine Park, OK.  This event remains entirely within the LOWER 48 STATES. It will run nearly 10,000 MILES before heading back to Medicine Park for the finish line. True to its HHMC spirit, as always the Challenge will culminate with a sensational END OF THE ROAD PARTY which will be held on JULY 28th!!


Embodying the spirit of the traditional vision quest, it is a deep inward search for transformation and insight. These are the trying circumstances that make the Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge. It forces riders to discover their own boundaries of personal strength. Due to this it will in a way redefine the way they see the world.


To learn more about the Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge go to: www.hokaheychallenge.com or call 1-605-890-0386