Enraged Cyclist Shoots Fireworks And Hits Motorbikers

Cyclist Shoots Fireworks

An explosive encounter! Enraged cyclist shoots fireworks and hits motorbikers  using home-made rocket launcher on his handlebars.   Rocket launchers and high-speed chases are things that belong in video games like Grand Theft Auto. But […]

Indian Motorcycle Gaining on Harley-Davidson Market Share

Harley-Davidson Market Share

Demand for an American-made alternative to Harley-Davidson continues to run hot.   Harley-Davidson Market Share (NYSE:HOG) might not have anything to worry about yet from Indian Motorcycle, but those objects in its rearview mirror are getting closer […]

Attorney That Rides: The Motorcycle Injury Attorney

Motorcycle Injury Attorney

As a Motorcycle Injury Attorney I know that if you or a loved one has been injured in a south florida vehicle accident, you may be left with lasting pain and injuries. When a driver causes […]

Texas Motorcycle Clubs Show What Biker Meetings Are Really About

The sound of their motorcycle exhaust pipes will get your attention, but bikers say they do not want to cause fear or intimidation. Bikers across Texas said they have had enough with law enforcement calling them corrupt […]

Harley-Davidson’s Earnings Report Is Even Worse Than You Might Think

Harley-Davidson's Earnings Report

Harley-Davidson (NYSE:HOG) may have beaten Wall Street’s profit expectations, but that’s because analysts had set the bar so low. The third-quarter for Harley-Davidson’s Earnings Report was actually quite bad. In fact, it was even worse than […]

Indian Recalls 2,096 Motorcycles Due to Headlight Problems

indian recalls

The recall announcement states that the assembly could affect visibility and therefore, increase the possibility of a crash. The manufacturer of the headlight assembly had shipped mis-labeled parts to Indian.   Indian will notify owners, […]