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Attorney That RIDES becomes Face Book Public Figure For Completed Extreme International Overland Motorcycle Runs


Attorney That Rides Becomes Face Book Public Figure For Completed Extreme Motorcycle International Overland Runs

Looks like he’s done it again by opening a Public Figure’s page on Facebook. Gabe Carrera aka the Attorney That RIDES states that his friends are closely adding up to 5,000 and he will be capped off from adding more. Gabe, who’s FB page is under “Gabriel Jose Carrera,” wants to add new new friends from his travels and showcase all his runs and adventure that he did and the newly planned up-&-coming runs.

On the Attorney’s That Rides “about” page he writes the following about the WHY he started the page: Please read on below……

“Hey there, I am the Attorney That Rides aka Gabe Carrera from Fort Lauderdale, Florida USA. I practice law in the area of Motorcycle Accidents, Family law, and all other Injury Law issues. I love motorcycles and riding extreme distances. I have ridden from the bottom of the world: Tierra Del Fuego, Argentina all the way north to Prudhoe Bay, Alaska on Harley-Davidson motorcycles.

I am planning my next extreme long distance trip from Ireland, to the Isle of Man, to Wales, through Europe heading East, thru Kazakhstan, China, Russia where I will fly my Harley to Alaska, down through Canada to New York, USA and then back to Key West! Hell Yeah! I am going to ride AROUND THE WORLD.


During my down time I ride various Iron Butt Association runs, I do the Hoke Hey Motorcycle Rally every two years, 10,000 miles in a bout two weeks. I also ride bar-to-bar to visit my friends here locally who are either in the MC’s or independents. I also serve on the board here in Broward with ABATE. I stay pretty busy with events and fund raisers for the American Legion.

I am looking for someone with the skill and knowledge set to help me make a movie since I have a lot of footage. Would be nice to have someone who knows what they are doing since I am a better attorney than a documentary producer LOL!”

Gabe has planned to ride ALL THE WAY around the Earth come 2021 on a Harley-Davidson endurance bike! Gabe is into the research part since this is all new for him. He knows Latin America living in South Florida and riding through it twice on a Road King and a Road Glide. Gabe is a little nervous on the OTHER-SIDE of the world where Spanish is limited but he hears a lot of people speak English…..